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The Concept Kit

Develop and create successful and meaningful design concepts.

The Portfolio Kit

Stand out from the competition, and create an  interview ready portfolio.

AutoCAD Template Kit

Populate your drawings quicker with this all-in-one catalog of AutoCAD blocks.

The Concept Kit

Learn the process of how to create successful and meaningful design concepts; and the tools and techniques that help to develop them.

The Portfolio Kit

Learn how to use your portfolio to its full advantage, and save time and energy through solid presentation, formatting, and arrangement strategies. 

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Professional Portfolios

Here we broadly cover all aspects of an architecture portfolio’s creation and presentation.

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Providing a general introduction and overview into the subject, and life as a student and professional.

Concepts & Design

Learn how to take your conceptual design process to the next level.

Student Guide

Study aid for both students and young architects, offering tutorials, tips, guides and resources.