Architecture Site Analysis Checklist

Architecture Site Analysis Checklist

We get a lot of requests and questions regarding site analysis checklists and where they can be found, and so we thought it was about time we created one …two in-fact! Scroll down to the bottom to download the site analysis checklists in PDF format.

Why use a checklist for your site analysis work?

Trying to recall tasks that need to be completed not only wastes time, but mostly results in them being lost or forgotten. A good checklist helps to stop this and frees up your mind to actually work on the items, instead of trying to remember them .

Having a large amount of to do actions can and will overwhelm and demoralize even the most motivated amongst us. By removing them and writing them down, we are able to physically visualize what needs to be accomplished, and concentrate on a systematic approach to complete them one by one.


Develop concept design ideas with ease.

This kit teaches you how to establish, craft, and communicate consistent and successful design responses each and every time.

When facing a deadline this becomes vitally important.

As soon as a new task is created, write in down and add it to your checklist, this then becomes your physical record of the event that you have complete control over (no memory required), and it will exist until it is finished and crossed off.


When working in an architectural practice or any other professional scenario, there is nothing worse than being asked to do something to then only forget certain details or the whole task altogether! This will only result in the wrong work being done and key elements missed out. …not to mention the embarrassment.

Be professional and don’t try to accumulate instructions in your head to document later …they will be forgotten! Write everything down, as it happens.

By structuring your thinking in this way and using checklists as recording and instruction tools, it will formulate and structure your working day, making you more efficient. The tasks written down should then be ticked or crossed off as they are completed, this will not only ensure their completion, but also provide you with a level of achievement and satisfaction that you are moving forward.

Checklists should also be used to priorities work into deadlines, levels of importance and timescales, helping to plan out how and when tasks can and should be completed, and ensure key information and dates are not missed.

The Architecture Site Analysis Checklist

Following on from the above, the processes required to successfully carry out the analysis of your projects site, we feel are far too many to remember.

So here we have provided two site analysis checklists that firstly cover all of the primary areas of the site analysis process and secondly, provide a checklist outlining what to assess during your first site visit.

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Free Site Analysis Checklist

Site analysis forms the foundation to a project’s conceptual evolution …start it with confidence.

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