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New Blog Post! - Architecture Site Analysis - Presenting Your Site Analysis

A look at how to present architectural site analysis, whether it be for a presentation, to your peers, a critique or to a client, being able to successfully communicate your site analysis and research is an important part of the process



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New Blog Post! - Architecture Site Analysis - Evaluating Your Site Visit

Once you've collected all of the information from your site visit as highlighted here, along with the findings from your desktop study,  it's time to take the next site analysis steps and use them to influence and drive the concept development of your architectural project.



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New Blog Post! - The Best (2018) Computers For Architectural Students & Architects

Like it or not, for today’s architectural student and architect one of the most important tools they require is a PC, Laptop and/or a Mac, it’s almost impossible to successfully study the subject or run a company without one.



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