The best architecture movies, films & documentaries


A full list of the best Architecture movies (films) and documentaries, that every architect and architecture student should watch.

These architecture movies and documentaries cover a broad range of architectural subjects, such as case study houses and buildings, biographies, an inside look into practice life, construction techniques, materiality and stunning architectural photography from Julius Shulman.    

For a deeper synopsis and reader reviews of the best architecture films and documentaries, visit IMDb’s “Movies for Architects” list and architizer’s “A Brief History Of Modern Architecture Through Movies” before buying.

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  1. Frank Lloyd Wright
  2. Frank Lloyd Wright

    Wright and Olgivanna began the Taliesin Fellowship, taking on apprentices. Fallingwater brought him new acclaim for its modern principles and materials integrated with the landscape. Usonian houses were high-quality, affordable housing for mass production.

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  3. Architectures (Vol. 1-5) - 5-DVD Box Set
  4. Architectures (Vol. 1-5) - 5-DVD Box Set

    The first five volumes of the documentary series that looks at the work of superstar architects and some of their most renowned creations. The films included across the volumes are: 'The Dessau Bauhaus By Walter Gropius', 'The Siza School', 'Family Lodgings in Guise', 'Nemausus 1'

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  5. Antonio Gaudi (The Criterion Collection)
  6. Antonio Gaudi (The Criterion Collection)

    Catalan architect Antonio Gaudí (1852 1926) designed some of the world s most astonishing buildings, interiors, and parks; Japanese director Hiroshi Teshigahara constructed some of the most aesthetically audacious films of the second half of the twentieth century. Here, their artistry melds in a unique, enthralling cinematic experience.

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  7. Eames: The Architect and the Painter
  8. Eames: The Architect and the Painter

    The husband-and-wife team of Charles and Ray Eames are widely regarded as America's most important designers. Perhaps best remembered for their mid-century plywood and fiberglass furniture, the Eames Office also created a mindbending variety of other products, from splints for wounded military during World War II, to photography, interiors, multi-media exhibits, graphics, games, films and toys.

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  9. First Person Singular: I.M. Pei
  10. First Person Singular: I.M. Pei

    Architect I.M. Pei leads viewers through some of his more famous creations such as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Miho Museum, the National Gallery of Art, and the Bank of China. He also speaks candidly about his life, his early years in China, his schooling at both Harvard and MIT, and his approach to architecture and design.

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  11. My Architect: A Son's Journey
  12. My Architect: A Son's Journey

    A riveting tale of love, art, betrayal and forgiveness -- in which the illegitimate son of a legendary architect undertakes a worldwide exploration to discover and understand his father's and the personal choices he made.

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  13. Helvetica
  14. Helvetica

    Helvetica encompasses the worlds of design, advertising, psychology, and communication, and invites us to take a second look at the thousands of words we see every day.

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  15. Architectures vol. 10
  16. Architectures vol. 10

    The series Architectures presents a privileged and unprecedented look at the work of superstar architects and some of their most brilliant creations.

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  17. Philip Johnson: Diary of an Eccentric Architect
  18. Philip Johnson: Diary of an Eccentric Architect

    "My place in New Canaan is...a diary of an eccentric architect." Thus begins a fascinating look into the mind of one of our most creative and significant architects. Philip Johnson was always on the forefront of stylistic change, and his property in New Canaan, Connecticut, is a kind of...

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  19. Modern Tide: Midcentury Architecture on Long Island
  20. Modern Tide: Midcentury Architecture on Long Island

    Midcentury Architecture on Long Island explores the work of the region's best postwar architects and designers, including Albert Frey, Wallace Harrison, Herbert Beckhard, Frank Lloyd Wright, Horace Gifford, Edward Durrell Stone, Marcel Breuer, Andrew Geller, Philip Johnson, Charles Gwathmey...

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  21. Louis Sullivan: the Struggle for American Architecture
  22. Louis Sullivan: the Struggle for American Architecture

    Chicago architect Louis Sullivan's rapid rise to fame, tragic decline, and the ultimate triumph of his creative spirit.

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  23. Built On Narrow Land
  24. Built On Narrow Land

    A glimpse into a brief period of time in Cape Cod when Bauhaus architecture was married to seaside New England style.

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  25. Infinite Space - John Lautner
  26. Infinite Space - John Lautner

    The houses of John Lautner are among the most exciting elements of American architecture. Enclosed to an unconditional beauty ideals, their spaces are infinite - from the perspective of the inhabitants, for Lautner's architecture is made for man.

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  27. Visual Acoustics: Julius Shulman
  28. Visual Acoustics: Julius Shulman

    Visual Acoustics celebrates the life and career of Julius Shulman, the world's greatest architectural photographer, whose images brought modern architecture to the American mainstream.

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  29. How Much Does Your Building Weigh...
  30. How Much Does Your Building Weigh...

    Elegant and stylish. This rich, revealing documentary about world-renowned, prolific British architect Norman Foster - as productive and creative as he is inspirational - could attract legions of young people to the profession just as it enlightens older "civilians" to the beauty and function of architecture in a new, more demanding century.

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  31. Sketches of Frank Gehry
  32. Sketches of Frank Gehry

    Directed by his longtime friend and supporter, Academy Award(r)-winner Sydney Pollack (1985 Best Director, Out of Africa), the fascinating SKETCHES OF FRANK GEHRY looks inside the mind of the most acclaimed and controversial architect of the twenty-first century.

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  33. American Masters: Eero Saarinen
  34. American Masters: Eero Saarinen

    American Masters — Eero Saarinen: The Architect Who Saw the Future explores the life and visionary work of Finnish-American modernist architectural giant Eero Saarinen (1910-1961).

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