Free CAD Blocks Sites – The best 16 AutoCAD resources

When it comes to architectural drawing, there are a lot of second rate and badly formatted CAD library's out there...

CAD has revolutionized how professionals conceptualize, visualize, and execute their designs, transforming ideas into digital realities. At the heart of this digital design revolution are CAD blocks – a critical component that streamlines and enhances the design process.

CAD blocks, essentially, are pre-made drawings or objects used within CAD software that can be repeatedly utilized across various projects.

These blocks not only save significant time but also ensure consistency and accuracy in design work. From intricate architectural details to standard engineering components, CAD blocks cover a wide spectrum of design elements.

The focus of this article is to delve into the world of free CAD blocks. We understand that sourcing quality CAD blocks can be a challenge, especially when budget constraints are in play. Therefore, we aim to guide designers, architects, and engineers through some of the best free CAD block sites available today.

These resources not only offer a plethora of options to choose from but also ensure that you maintain the quality and efficiency of your work without the added expense.

Our Favorite Free CAD Blocks

Here we present out favorite 16 free CAD block sites, followed by 4 paid and premium options.


01 – CAD-Blocks

free cad blocks

For us this one sat at the top of the Google rankings, and whilst its interface is very dated, it does provide a solid set of basic 2D CAD bathroom, furniture, tree, kitchen, vehicles and people blocks, that both architects and students would require …for free

It’s a no thrills website and there is not a huge range (not as much as the paid and free sites) but there’s more than enough to get you by, as long as you are not after anything too specialist.

The blocks are broken down into categories for easy navigation, and in terms of compatibility, you will need AutoCAD 2004 or higher, which for most should not be problem.  

02 – Post Digital Architecture

cad block websites

Post Digital Architecture has a wide selection of free and affordable CAD block sets, ideal for post-digital architectural drawings, collages, renderings, and visualizations, is now available for discovery. These resources have been meticulously curated to enhance architectural creative projects, offering an extensive variety that caters to different design needs without straining budgets.

Architects and designers can explore an array of CAD blocks, thoughtfully assembled to elevate the quality and detail of their work. Whether the need is for intricate details in architectural renderings or for adding depth to digital collages, the selection is vast and varied, ensuring that every creative requirement is met.

This collection is not only budget-friendly but also high in quality, ensuring that professionals and students alike can access top-notch resources for their architectural endeavors. The variety and affordability of these CAD blocks make them a valuable addition to any architectural project, aiding in the creation of visually stunning and precise designs.

03 – Vector Vault

Vector_Vault cad blocks free

Vector_Vault stands out as an impressive content library, offering a variety of vectors ideal for adding diversity to your architectural visualizations. This site generously provides these resources at no cost for non-commercial applications.

The platform facilitates the easy downloading of individual CAD blocks in .dwg file format, ensuring compatibility with popular CAD programs. Additionally, the blocks are available in .ai format, making them suitable for use with Adobe Illustrator.

Vector_Vault’s extensive collection encompasses a broad range of categories, providing a wealth of options for professionals to explore and integrate into their projects.

04 – CAD Blocks For Free free autocad blocks boasts an extensive collection of over 10,000 blocks at present. This site is meticulously organized, allowing users to swiftly navigate and locate specific CAD blocks, thus enhancing the overall efficiency of the search process.

The variety of blocks available is extensive, encompassing a broad spectrum of design needs including architectural elements, bathroom fixtures, furniture, landscaping details, human figures, and many more.

A notable advantage of this platform is the absence of a registration requirement for downloads, enabling quick and direct access to the resources you need. However, it’s worth mentioning that the site does feature some advertisements, which are a small trade-off for the wealth of free resources available.

05 – DWG models

best free cad blocks

With over 12 years of experience, the team behind, comprising architects, designers, and programmers, has significantly impacted the global design community. Their journey, rooted in a shared vision to contribute something meaningful to society, particularly benefits engineers, designers, and architects.

In 2016, drawing from their collective knowledge and innovative ideas, they launched “,” a comprehensive online library of CAD blocks, aiming to assist a broad spectrum of professionals in their work and academic pursuits.

This site does supply free blocks, but is actually a mixture of both free and paid for models.

Obviously the paid for models / blocks are of a higher quality, and these are mixed in with the free blocks, but clearly labelled to avoid confusion. So if you have the patience to scroll though to find the free ones that are available, then this site can be very useful. 

The user interface and appearance is much nicer that most other websites, with a very useful categories bar on the left-hand side

06 – CAD Blocks

free cad drawings

This website is another site that offers both paid for (here called premium) and free CAD blocks, and for us provides the best quality of block and user experience when navigating and downloading.

This site has an open resource policy, where members can submit and publish their own blocks for other users to download and use. These blocks are checked by the websites administrators, by be careful that the scales are correct when using them in your drawings.

One of our favorite features of the site, is the way it will select and show similar CAD blocks to the block you are currently viewing, making it very easy to find what you want.

This site requires users to have minimum of AutoCAD 2007 to avoid any compatibility issues

07 – CADdetails

free cad block details

CADdetails stands at the forefront as a premier source of building product information tailored to manufacturers’ specifications, serving a broad audience of architects, engineers, contractors, and other professionals in the design industry across North America.

Boasting a comprehensive library that encompasses both 2D and 3D models, CADdetails offers an extensive range of CAD blocks. Registration is required to access these resources, but it is provided at no cost.

The availability of these blocks in multiple file formats not only ensures wide accessibility but also enhances their ease of use and integration into various projects.

08 – FreeCAD

cad blocks provides a variety of free CAD block sets. The website is structured to enhance user experience, featuring descriptive texts about each CAD block set. These descriptions are complemented by handy links, making it easy for users to navigate to related block sets, thus facilitating a more streamlined browsing experience.

However, it is important for users to be aware that contains a considerable number of pop-up ads. This aspect of the site could potentially affect the browsing experience, and users should be prepared for this when they visit the site.

09 – Draftsperson free cad blocks offers a well-rounded CAD library, offering a variety of CAD blocks neatly categorized for straightforward accessibility. This site allows users to download blocks either individually or as part of sets, catering to different needs.

Every CAD block available on is offered free of charge and boasts compatibility with AutoCAD, along with a range of other 2D design software, details of which are specified on their website.

10 – ARCAT

ARCAT free cad files

For over three decades, ARCAT has been a reputable source of building product information and content. Their collection of CAD blocks, available at no cost, is meticulously organized into ‘File Categories’ and ‘CSI Divisions.’ This organization mirrors the standards prevalent in the United States and Canada for sorting specifications and related data.

Choosing and downloading the desired CAD block is straightforward, with files available in both .dwg and .pdf formats to accommodate various software preferences and enhance ease of use.

In addition to these CAD blocks, ARCAT also offers an array of free Building Information Modeling (BIM) files, detailed manufacturer specifications, and tools for automated specification writing, further supporting professionals in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries.

11 – Free CADs cadblocks

This CAD block site provides a vast and beautifully straightforward range of free DWG CAD blocks, through its very well laid out and user friendly interface.

You will find that this site supplies almost all of what an architect and/or student will require, including people, furniture, trees, bathroom, and kitchen blocks.

But if you cant quite find the right block, then freecads also provides a free CAD block design service, which we have to admit, we haven’t tested out yet, but it’s a great idea. So if you’re struggling to find what you want, just ask them to make it for you.

12 – Pimp my DRAWING offers something a little different in the way of graphic representation and by providing a limited selection of just people, tree’s and car CAD blocks.

Perhaps appealing most to students and particularly with the free people, this websites CAD blocks provides something a little different and more playful than the standard CAD block website.

It has a really nice and user friendly interface, making it very easy to navigate your way around the website.

13 – DWG Free

DwgFree.COM site blocks free websites

DwgFree.COM, reminiscent in its user interface to, distinguishes itself by providing an expansive array of free CAD block categories, including a notable selection of AutoCAD 3D blocks. These blocks are often grouped into collections, which can be particularly useful for users seeking thematic or grouped resources.

However, it’s important to note that the website contains a considerable number of advertisements. This aspect could occasionally complicate the process of finding the download button amidst the ads.

14 – Studio Alternativi

Studio Alternativi autocad architectural blocks

Studio Alternativi boasts a remarkable array of CAD blocks, available both for free and for purchase, encompassing both 2D and 3D designs. Users have the option to download comprehensive packs containing a diverse selection of CAD blocks in various formats, or to explore the high-quality resources available for free.

A standout feature of Studio Alternativi is its versatile licensing options. Users have the liberty to choose between educational and commercial licenses for the use of their CAD blocks, catering to different professional requirements.

The platform also presents a unique collection of CAD blocks, curated by various creators like CAD Lab Studio, offering a broad spectrum of choices. Furthermore, Studio Alternativi is receptive to crafting custom collections, tailored to meet the specific needs of users in search of particular resources.

15 – ACAD Block

ACAD-Block site blocks free templates

ACAD-Block presents a comprehensive collection of CAD blocks, encompassing a variety of both 2D and 3D models. This platform generously offers all these resources at no cost, allowing for seamless integration into your projects. The blocks provided are of high quality, and users have the flexibility to modify them as needed to fit their specific design requirements.

The user experience on the ACAD-Block website is notably user-friendly, making the process of finding and selecting the right blocks straightforward and efficient.

As an added convenience, the site also suggests related CAD blocks, making it easier for users to discover and access additional resources that may be relevant to their current project needs.

16 – APLUS


APLUS is a company specializing in the creation of an add-in for Autodesk AutoCAD, designed to significantly facilitate and expedite CAD design.

This tool, developed in collaboration with leading architectural offices worldwide, is tailored to enhance the efficiency of CAD processes. APLUS is not only committed to the development of their software but also offers services in installing the software and creating custom commands as per client requests.

Currently, their focus is on the continuous development of the product, ensuring it meets the evolving needs of their customers. This commitment to improvement is evident in the regular addition of new commands to subsequent versions of the software, along with enhancements to existing features.

Paying for CAD blocks …why would you!?!

The advantage of paying for your CAD blocks is that you have a level of guarantee that (more often than not) more time has been put into the product, and that the seller will be more invested in making sure you are happy with it.

In our experience, this has always been the most successful.

So for this reason we think that the best way to use CAD blocks is to purchase a select few high quality packs that you will feel comfortable using time and time again, and start to build your own personal library.

It is a balance between free and paid …quality over quantity.

The AutoCAD Template Kit

Having used many of the top ranked sites ourselves for bathroom, furniture, tree, kitchen, symbols, chairs and people CAD blocks (to name a few!). We have sifted through and scrutinized the top 20 results.

…leaving you with more time to focus on what’s important …your actual drawing.

But as with most things that are free, there is of course often a sacrifice to be made in either quality or the quantity available, which is why we have produced our own CAD block library within the below template kit.


AutoCAD Template Kit

Format your drawings with the correct set of tools. This CAD template enables you as a designer to spend your time on what matters – the design!

Stop searching for CAD blocks!

…other sites include:


Toffu cad blocks for free

Toffu is a team of architects and visualization enthusiasts, deeply aware of the impact and importance of a project’s visuals, especially under tight deadlines, has committed themselves to creating up-to-date, high-quality content. Their aim is not just to fill the visuals in a project but to significantly enhance them.

The content created by this team, driven by a strong motivation to elevate architectural and design projects, has reached over 180 countries and been utilized in hundreds of thousands of projects by architects and designers worldwide. Their understanding of the critical role that visuals play in architectural and design work propels their dedication to providing top-tier, effective resources for the industry.


Cadbull architectural blocks autocad

Cadbull offers an interactive space for both 2D and 3D artists, fostering a vibrant online community. It encourages users to sign up for free, create an account, and begin showcasing their work.

The platform also provides the option to subscribe to various file types through flexible subscription packages, allowing for fast and easy access to thousands of CAD files.

The platform is designed to help individuals create profiles and engage with a community of creative AutoCAD designers, sharing a passion for all things related to design. It caters to the curiosity about the latest happenings in the design world, enabling these developments to come to life with Cadbull’s creative touch.


download cad blocks

Dimensions stands out as a meticulously structured and exceptional CAD block library, mainly focused on providing content through purchase. The platform introduces a Pro membership, accessible to both individual professionals and students, which unlocks access to their comprehensive library of CAD blocks.

Each CAD block available on Dimensions is presented with its own dedicated webpage, rich in information and specifics. This includes highly detailed images with dimensions clearly marked, thereby augmenting both the clarity and practical value of each block. Furthermore, Dimensions includes a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section, delivering factual insights and addressing common user queries, thereby enhancing the overall experience in selecting and utilizing CAD blocks effectively.

What Are CAD Blocks?

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) has become an indispensable tool in the fields of architecture, engineering, and design. One of the key elements that make CAD so powerful and efficient is the use of CAD blocks.

But what exactly are these blocks, and why are they so crucial in the CAD environment? This section will shed light on the nature of CAD blocks, their common uses, and the benefits they bring to the design process.

Definition and Explanation of CAD Blocks:

  • CAD blocks are pre-designed or pre-drawn digital objects or entities used in CAD drawings.
  • They can be simple objects like furniture, trees, cars, or more complex assemblies used in architectural and engineering plans.
  • These blocks are akin to digital stencils that can be inserted into CAD projects, saving the time and effort needed to draw each element from scratch.

Common Uses in Design Fields:

  • In architecture, CAD blocks are used to represent common elements like doors, windows, plumbing fixtures, and electrical components.
  • Engineers use CAD blocks for standard mechanical parts, electrical symbols, and structural elements.
  • Interior designers utilize blocks for furniture layouts, lighting fixtures, and decor items.
  • Urban planners and landscape architects use blocks to represent trees, vehicles, street furniture, and other urban elements.

Benefits of Using CAD Blocks:

  • Time Efficiency: CAD blocks significantly reduce the time required to create detailed drawings. Designers can focus on the overall design rather than drawing each component.
  • Consistency and Standardization: Using standardized blocks ensures consistency in the symbols and representations across various projects and drawings.
  • Accuracy: Pre-drawn blocks are typically created to exact specifications, enhancing the accuracy of the design.
  • Flexibility and Customization: While CAD blocks are pre-made, they can often be modified or customized to fit specific project requirements.
  • Resource Sharing and Collaboration: CAD blocks can be shared among team members, fostering collaboration and ensuring uniformity in multi-contributor projects.

Understanding what CAD blocks are and recognizing their role in the CAD ecosystem is fundamental for anyone engaged in digital design. They are not just tools for convenience; they embody efficiency, consistency, and precision in the design process. As we explore free CAD block sites in the following sections, we’ll see how these benefits can be leveraged without incurring high costs.

Free CAD Block Sites

…How To Use them

Ultimately nothing comes for free, and in a lot of cases when using free CAD blocks there is always something a little off that needs correcting. For this reason we strongly advise checking each block you download before you import it into your drawings.

We like to open up a new and blank file and import the CAD block into this first, so the block is the only element in the drawing, making it very easy to spot and fix abnormalities.

You should check:

  • Scale
  • Units
  • Line weights
  • Layers
  • And general quality of the line work

This will ensure that the block comes into your drawing the correct size and scale (1:1) and will not bring any unwanted characteristics with it. If you have any problems with this however, and consult the CAD scale factor tables here.

More often than not, when a CAD block is imported and appears either too large or too small, it is usually the wrong metric (metric or imperial) for the drawing.

Criteria for Selecting Quality CAD Block Sites

When searching for the perfect CAD block site, it’s essential to consider several key factors that contribute to the quality and usability of the resources. The following criteria should guide you in selecting the most suitable CAD block sites for your projects:

  1. Variety and Range of Blocks:
    • A good CAD block site should offer a wide range of blocks, catering to different disciplines like architecture, engineering, interior design, and landscaping.
    • Look for sites that provide various categories of blocks, such as furniture, vehicles, people, architectural elements, and more, to ensure you have a diverse library at your disposal.
  2. Quality and Accuracy:
    • The accuracy of dimensions and details in CAD blocks is crucial for their practical application in design projects.
    • High-quality blocks are not only accurately represented but also neatly organized, with clean lines and minimal extraneous details that could clutter your design.
  3. Compatibility with CAD Software:
    • Ensure the blocks are compatible with the CAD software you are using. Common file formats include .dwg (for AutoCAD) and .dxf, among others.
    • Some sites also offer blocks in various file formats, increasing their usability across different software platforms.
  4. User Experience and Site Navigation:
    • A user-friendly website with easy navigation and organized categories can significantly enhance your efficiency in finding the right blocks.
    • Sites that offer preview images of the blocks and simple download processes save time and reduce guesswork.
  5. Licensing and Usage Rights:
    • It’s important to understand the licensing agreements of the blocks you download. Some are free for personal and commercial use, while others may have restrictions.
    • Always check if the site clearly states the usage rights to avoid legal issues, especially for commercial projects.
  6. Regular Updates and New Additions:
    • Opt for websites that regularly update their libraries and add new blocks. This ensures you have access to the latest and most relevant design elements.
    • Updated sites are also more likely to remove outdated or less popular blocks, maintaining a high-quality collection.
  7. Community and Support:
    • Some CAD block sites have active communities where users can request specific blocks, share their own creations, or get assistance with any issues.
    • Access to a supportive community can be invaluable, especially for those new to using CAD blocks or those looking for niche or specialized items.

By keeping these criteria in mind, you can select CAD block websites that not only enrich your digital toolbox with diverse resources but also align with your specific project needs and software requirements. This thoughtful selection process ensures that the CAD blocks you integrate into your designs contribute positively to your workflow, design quality, and overall project success.

To Sum Up…

In conclusion, the world of CAD blocks offers an immense resource for designers, architects, and engineers, significantly enhancing the efficiency and creativity of their projects.

Through this exploration of various free CAD block websites, we’ve seen that quality, variety, and usability are within easy reach without incurring additional costs. However, it’s crucial to approach these resources with a discerning eye, considering factors such as scale accuracy, compatibility, and legal usage rights.

As we wrap up, it’s important to remember that while free CAD blocks can be a tremendous asset, they should be used judiciously and, when necessary, customized to fit the specific needs of your projects. Balancing the convenience of ready-made blocks with the uniqueness of custom design will often yield the best results in your work.

For both seasoned professionals and budding designers, these free CAD block sites are invaluable tools, opening up a world of possibilities. Whether you’re working on a complex architectural project or a simple interior design layout, the right CAD blocks can make all the difference.

So, explore these resources, experiment with the vast array of options available, and continue to enhance the quality and efficiency of your design projects.

Site Analysis Free Checklist

Free Site Analysis Checklist

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