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Ranging from bathtubs to basins, and from toilets to faucets, bathroom CAD blocks are used to populate our public and private bath and rest rooms.

Forming an important element of the overall design and layout of our floor plans, elevations and sections, these CAD blocks enable the positioning and arrangement of bathroom appliances and furniture.

As with most Google searches for CAD blocks, there are an incredibly high number of sites to choose from, with a lot offering a less than average service.

So below, we have put together a short list of what we consider to be some of the best free bathroom block resources, along with a small sample from our own collection.


Free Bathroom CAD Blocks

When it comes to sourcing free Bathroom CAD Blocks, the internet is a treasure trove of resources. Here are some of the top places where architects, designers, and students can find high-quality CAD blocks for their bathroom design projects:

  1. Online CAD Libraries
    • CADdetails: This platform is renowned for its extensive collection of CAD drawings. It’s particularly useful for those looking for specific bathroom fixtures and fittings. The site is user-friendly, allowing for easy navigation and download of CAD blocks.
    • BiblioCAD: A go-to resource for many architects and designers, BiblioCAD offers a wide range of bathroom CAD blocks. From basic fixtures to more complex bathroom layouts, the site caters to various design needs.
    • CAD Blocks Free: As the name suggests, this site provides a plethora of free CAD blocks, including a dedicated section for bathroom designs. It’s a great resource for finding diverse styles and designs.
  2. Manufacturer Websites
    • Many bathroom fixture manufacturers offer free CAD blocks of their products. This is particularly useful for designers who want to include specific products in their plans. Brands like Kohler, Moen, and Delta often provide downloadable CAD blocks on their websites.
  3. Community Forums and Groups
    • Online communities and forums can be invaluable resources. Platforms like Reddit have dedicated subreddits where professionals share CAD blocks. Similarly, LinkedIn groups and specialized architecture forums often have members who are willing to share or trade CAD blocks.
  4. Educational Websites
    • Several educational platforms provide free resources for students and professionals. Websites like ArchWeb and AutoCAD Library have sections dedicated to bathroom designs, offering a range of CAD blocks that are both practical and inspiring.
  5. Open Source Platforms
    • Websites like Open Source CAD, FreeCAD, and DraftSight host a community-driven collection of CAD blocks. These platforms not only offer free downloads but also allow users to contribute and share their own designs.
  6. Specialized CAD Block Websites
    • There are websites solely dedicated to providing CAD blocks, like CAD Block Exchange Network and DesignCAD. These sites have extensive collections of bathroom CAD blocks, ranging from basic to intricate designs.

When using these sources, it’s important to consider the compatibility of the CAD blocks with your software, the scale, and the level of detail required for your project. Always check the licensing agreement or terms of use for each website, as some blocks might be free for personal use but not for commercial projects.

By leveraging these resources, designers and architects can significantly enhance the efficiency and quality of their bathroom design projects.

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