CAD People 101: The best places to find DWG people blocks

CAD People 101: The best places to find DWG people blocks

CAD People are among the most popular CAD blocks we use, whether it be in plan, elevation, and/or in section.

As when used correctly, these DWG blocks can provide both scale and context to 2D and 3D drawings, and in tandem help to build on the narrative of a project.

CAD People can be used to suggest the use of the space, its capacity, demographic, how users will interact with it, through to its height, volume and mass.


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Stop searching for CAD blocks!

However, as with most CAD blocks, these appear available in abundance through a quick google search in both paid and free formats …but are not always of good and usable quality. 

So to speed up your search, and allow you to focus on the more important tasks of drafting, here together with our other CAD resources, we have shortlisted our favorite sites for DWG CAD people below, along with a sample from our own collection…


DWG CAD people blocks is a platform that offers free, high-quality vector models, including CAD people blocks. There’s no need for registration to access the content, making the site user-friendly and straightforward.

The founders are three architecture graduates who, over the course of their studies, produced an impressive array of vector scale models. Rather than allowing these valuable assets to remain unused in the recesses of their backup drives, they decided to create a platform to share them with the global community.

Their primary aim was to create a site they themselves would want to use, eliminating the hassle of navigating non-intuitive, registration-requiring platforms. With, users can effortlessly find what they need and enjoy the creative process! provides a well-organized, contemporary platform where users can access over 5,000 CAD block files with the .dwg file extension. These files are suitable for AutoCAD 2021 and earlier versions, designed for use in architectural projects or plans.

Crafted by experienced architects, engineers, and draughtsmen, these files facilitate the technical aspects of architectural projects. The CAD files are categorized into thematic and sub-thematic collections and are streamlined with only layer 0.

Notably, they also supply CAD people blocks. The best part? Downloading CAD Blocks from their site is entirely FREE, with no registration necessary.

Freecads specializes in designing and supplying free AutoCAD blocks, including those tailored for people figures, essential for bringing big ideas to life. Not only do they provide pre-made CAD blocks, but they also design custom blocks at no charge. At Freecads, they’ve created a realm of precision and excellence.

Every CAD block and vector drawing in their collection is meticulously crafted by professional designers. What’s more, every resource and service they offer, including their CAD design service, is entirely free.

FAQ’s about CAD people blocks

Where can I find free CAD people blocks?

Free people CAD Block Download:

Free CAD Blocks

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Why are CAD people useful?

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) “people” or human figure blocks are a crucial component of architectural and design drawings for several reasons:

  1. Scale and Proportion: Introducing human figures into a design allows the viewer to immediately grasp the scale of a project. By juxtaposing human figures against the designed space or object, one can better understand how large or small certain elements are.
  2. Context: Human figures can provide context to a space. For example, in a public plaza design, showing figures can help visualize how the space might be used, whether people are sitting, walking, or gathering in groups.
  3. Spatial Relationships: CAD people can illustrate how much space is available for circulation and how people might move through a given area. This is particularly useful in areas like hallways, staircases, and entrances.
  4. Visualization: Human figures make a design feel more real and relatable. By seeing how potential users might interact with a space, stakeholders can more easily visualize the end result.
  5. Aesthetics and Atmosphere: The way CAD people are positioned and interact with the environment can convey a particular mood or atmosphere. For example, showing people lounging in a park might communicate relaxation and leisure.
  6. Functionality Assessment: By placing human figures in design scenarios, designers can assess the functionality of a space. This might highlight potential issues such as areas that may become too crowded or spaces that are underutilized.
  7. Presentation and Persuasion: When presenting to clients or stakeholders, designs with CAD people can be more persuasive as they allow the viewer to visualize the project’s impact on its end users. This human-centric approach can make designs more appealing and convincing.

In summary, CAD people are essential in design because they bridge the gap between abstract design concepts and real-world applications, helping to create more effective, understandable, and relatable designs.


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Are CAD people just for AutoCAD?

No, CAD people are not exclusive to AutoCAD. While AutoCAD is one of the most widely recognized and used CAD software, human figure blocks, or CAD people, are employed across a wide range of computer-aided design software platforms.

These platforms can be in various fields, including architecture, urban planning, interior design, landscaping, industrial design, and more.

Some of the other popular CAD and modeling software where CAD people might be used include:

  1. Revit: Primarily for building information modeling (BIM) to design structures and buildings. Revit has its own library of human figures to be placed in architectural renderings.
  2. SketchUp: A user-friendly 3D modeling tool often used for architectural and interior design visualizations. SketchUp has a range of 3D human figures available for placement in models.
  3. Rhinoceros (Rhino): This software is used for a wide variety of design applications and has its own library and third-party resources for human figures.
  4. 3DS Max and Maya: These are primarily animation and modeling tools, but they’re also used for architectural visualization and have human figure models available.
  5. ArchiCAD: Another BIM software similar to Revit, where human figures can be integrated into architectural designs.
  6. Blender: Though primarily known as a free 3D modeling and animation software, it’s also used for architectural visualization, and human models can be integrated.
  7. SolidWorks and CATIA: While these are more geared toward mechanical and product design, there are scenarios, especially in ergonomic assessments, where human models are incorporated.

In each of these software platforms (and many others), CAD people help in providing context, scale, and a sense of realism to designs. Whether they’re simple 2D silhouettes, detailed 3D models, or even animated figures, CAD people serve an essential role in design visualization across numerous software solutions.

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