Tree CAD Blocks: CAD block trees that aren’t just for AutoCAD

With so many “free” CAD block sites now charging for their resources, it is becoming increasingly harder to find good (and free) assets for presentations and general drafting work.

Tree CAD blocks are among some of the most popular DWG’s requested, and are used in abundance for almost every project in both plan and elevational formats.

A well formed and drawn tree provides interest, scale and context, and if used together with varying line weights, can also add depth to both the foreground and background of your 2D elevational and sectional drawings.

To save you time, the below shortlist aims to offer our readers with a quick and easy reference to what we consider to be some of the best and free CAD blocks currently available, along with a sample from our collection.



AutoCAD Template Kit

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Tree CAD Blocks: CAD block trees that aren’t just for AutoCAD (vegetation elevation cad blocks) offers free, high-quality vector models with no registration required. Founded by three recent architecture graduates, the site was born out of a desire to share their vast collection of vector scale models rather than letting them remain unused.

Their aim was to create a user-friendly platform, eliminating the hassle of searching through complex sites that require registration. Simply choose what you need and enjoy! (free plant cad blocks) is a user-friendly platform offering over 5,000 CAD block files compatible with AutoCAD 2021 and earlier versions. Designed for architectural projects and plans, these DWG files are curated by professionals such as architects and engineers.

The files are categorized into thematic collections and are optimized with only layer 0. All CAD Blocks are available for free download without the need for registration. (free tree cad blocks in plan)

Freecads is a platform tailored for architects, engineers, draftsmen, and various design professionals in search of high-quality CAD blocks for their projects.

The platform not only offers a vast collection of free AutoCAD blocks and vector drawings, all meticulously drafted by professional designers, but they also provide a complimentary CAD design service, ensuring that everyone has the tools they need to bring their innovative ideas to life.

The foundation of Freecads is rooted in decades of experience, where the founders spent years drafting and refining their own CAD blocks. Recognizing the value and potential of their vast library, they envisioned assisting young designers in propelling their careers forward.

Thus, Freecads was born, with a user-friendly platform that mirrors the satisfaction of savoring an ice-cold beverage on a sun-soaked day, ensuring an optimal experience for every user.

FAQ’s about tree CAD blocks

Where can I find free CAD blocks?

Free Tree CAD Block Download:

Free CAD Blocks

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Where can I get free CAD blocks?

Want more? There are several websites that offer free CAD blocks for download. Some popular options include:

  • BIMsmith Market:
  • Cadblocksfree:
  • CAD-Block:
  • CAD-Blocks:
  • CAD Corner:

Please note that some websites may require registration or have limits on the number of downloads available. It is also important to ensure that the blocks are compatible with your CAD software and that you have the appropriate licenses to use them.

How do you make a tree block in AutoCAD?

Here are the general steps to create a tree block in AutoCAD:

  1. Start a new drawing in AutoCAD and set the appropriate units and scale for your drawing.
  2. Draw the trunk of the tree using the “Line” or “Polyline” tool. This can be a simple rectangle or a more complex shape.
  3. Draw the branches of the tree using the “Line” or “Polyline” tool. You can use the “Arc” tool to create curved branches.
  4. Draw the leaves of the tree using the “Ellipse” or “Circle” tool. You can use the “Copy” and “Paste” commands to duplicate leaves and create a full canopy.
  5. Use the “Block” command to convert the tree drawing into a block. You will be prompted to specify a name and a base point for the block. This base point will be used to specify the insertion point when you place the block in your drawing.
  6. Save the block to your “Block” library or in a location you can access easily.
  7. Use the “Insert” command to place the tree block in your drawing. You can specify the insertion point, rotation angle, and scale factor for the block.

Please note that this is a high-level summary of the process, it is recommended to consult the AutoCAD software documentation for detailed instructions and to be familiar with the software and its features before starting.


Architecture Detail Template

Construction detailing is difficult!

But it doesn’t have to be!  – learn from and use a standard library of parts to correctly create and formulate construction drawings that work.

How do you insert a tree block in AutoCAD?

In AutoCAD, you can add a tree to your drawing in a couple of ways:

  1. Using the “Tree” command:
  • Type “Tree” on the command line and press Enter.
  • Select the location in your drawing where you want to place the tree.
  • Follow the prompts to choose a tree style and set the tree’s properties, such as size and rotation.
  1. Using the “Block” command:
  • Create a tree block as previously described in my previous answer
  • Use the “Insert” command to place the tree block in your drawing.
  • You can specify the insertion point, rotation angle, and scale factor for the block.
  1. Using Content Library:
  • On the ribbon, click on “Home” tab
  • In the “Content” panel, Click on “Open Content Library”
  • Search for “Tree” or “Plant”
  • Drag and drop the desired tree into your drawing

Please note that, AutoCAD comes with a library of pre-drawn trees that you can insert into your drawing, these pre-drawn trees are in the form of blocks, so you can use the “Insert” command to place them in your drawing.

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