30 Essential Tools for Architecture Students

Architecture Tools

Starting architecture school (and any other new course for that matter) can be stressful and intimidating, and none more so than not knowing what you’ll need to give yourself the best chance of doing well.

So here we provide a shopping list of the equipment and tools we feel is the most necessary for any architectural student or in fact architect to own and have access to.

But please note that not all of this needs to be bought at once, it can be built up over time.

To summarize the Architects tool list:

The tools that every architect needs…

  • 101 things I learned in architecture school
  • A good set of drawing pens
  • A good set drawing of pencils
  • Modelling scalpel
  • Architect student bag
  • Scale ruler
  • Steel ruler
  • Cutting mat
  • Tablet
  • Drawings tube
  • Metric handbook
  • Tracing paper
  • Ear Phones
  • Yes is more
  • Laptop
  • Laptop sleeve
  • Mouse
  • Sketch book
  • Note book
  • Sketch book
  • Tape measure
  • Book of your favorite architect
  • Drawing board
  • UHU glue
  • Architectural graphics
  • Adjustable triangle
  • Mechanical pencil
  • Note taking pen
  • Mitre Box Kit
  • Tool Box


Never search for a single CAD block ever again.

The AutoCAD Template Kit

When we first started architecture school, we were given the classic book and equipment architecture tool kit list that had been recycled year upon year, with a lot of it just not being relevant.

It was a good list, but we barely used half of what was recommended, with a lot of the books still collecting dust even now.

Every architecture school is different, and will have specific reading lists for specific units and projects. What we provide here is an essentials list that can be applied to any school, which will hopefully guide and help you through your first year and the years to come…

The materials required for architecture students are…

  1. Apple 11-inch iPad Pro
  2. Apple 11-inch iPad Pro

    Tablets are a great addition to your studio equipment and life as a student in general. With them being small and light enough to carry just about anywhere, they are an excellent everyday tool for studio work, tutorials and lectures. In our opinion an iPad’s our favorite product, but there are many more to choose from. Dedicated drawing tablets are also an extremely useful tool and highly adaptable for a surprisingly large amount of architectural tasks.

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  3. Dell Inspiron 3000 Laptop
  4. Dell Inspiron 3000 Laptop

    A blend of performance and budget ...powerful, efficient and well designed, much like the above XPS.

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  5. Drawing Tube
  6. Drawing Tube

    These fantastic adjustable tubes enable you to carry your drawings without the paper getting torn and/or damaged, and as a first year architecture student you will have a lot of drawings!

    So for a relatively low price, they can be a life saver.

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  7. Fjallraven, Kanken Classic Backpack
  8. Fjallraven, Kanken Classic Backpack

    We have a list the bags we would currently recommend for architects here, and we think it goes without saying that you’ll need one on a day to day basis.

    Students often find themselves having to carry large amounts of equipment, so please don’t think you won’t need one.

    Try to choose one that will be both versatile and comfortable to carry on field trips and site visits.

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  9. Cricut TrueControl Knife Kit
  10. Cricut TrueControl Knife Kit

    A large part of Architecture school is model making, and in your first year it will be encouraged, if not made mandatory to produce everything by hand, and so a good, sharp scalpel is a fundamental tool to have.

    It will also be one of the first of many model making tools you accumulate over the years, and if you buy a good quality one at the beginning, it will last you all the way though to when you’re qualified. 

    Check Price on Amazon
  11. Staedtler Drawing Pencils
  12. Staedtler  Drawing Pencils

    Much like the above pens, first year architecture is all about exploring different media and developing your drawing and sketching skills. These pencils provide the range of hardness and softness required for just about any sketching situation. The metal case they come in also helps to protect and keep them together.

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  13. Rotring Pen Set
  14. Rotring Pen Set

    As first year architecture students one of the most essential items of equipment you will need, is a good set of pens that you can both draw and take notes with.

    Architecture school almost always starts off with drawing and sketching, and so these will become your best friend.

    …Even when you eventually start working digitally.

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  15. 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School
  16. 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School

    This is a book that students of architecture will want to keep in the studio and in their bags. It is also a book they may want to keep out of view of their professors, for it expresses in clear and simple language things that tend to be murky and abstruse in the classroom

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  17. Architectural Graphics
  18. Architectural Graphics

    This book and any other of Francis Ching’s guides are brilliant in describing architectural techniques and methods.

    This one in particular is perfect for first year students and even second and third years in describing architectural graphics and hand drawn techniques.

    Check Price on Amazon
  19. UHU ALL Purpose Adhesive 35ml
  20. UHU ALL Purpose Adhesive 35ml

    UHU will be become your best friend throughout architecture school, we think it’s one of the best glues for model making, that can get you through just about any scenario. It’s best to buy more than one tube at a time if you can, to be the most cost efficient.

    Check Price on Amazon
  21. Portable Drafting Board
  22. Portable Drafting Board

    Drawing boards aren’t essential, as there should be some in your college and university studios, but they can quickly get used up, especially when close to deadline. So having your own can be a life saver, even just an A3 one.

    Check Price on Amazon

    We describe here how useful it can be to know everything (or as much as possible) about your favorite architect, and as a first year architecture student, even just one of their books can be an invaluable resource. If you don’t yet know, then start looking on Pinterest first and discover the type and style of architecture you like, and go from there. We recommend a couple here also.

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  25. Stanley Tape Rule
  26. Stanley Tape Rule

    If you can, always carry a tape measure with you in your bag, and when you’re unsure of how high or wide something should be, simply measure it. Even when you’re in say a hotel room, if something that feels too tight or too wide, measure it, and then you’ll start to get a feel for what dimensions work well and what don’t. This is a good way of building up general design knowledge.

    Check Price on Amazon
  27. STAEDTLER Mars Plastic Eraser
  28. STAEDTLER Mars Plastic Eraser

    Invest in an eraser, especially as a first year student 

    Check Price on Amazon
  29. Black n' Red Notebook
  30. Black n' Red Notebook

    A note book will also be required to record information from lectures and tutorials, it’s nice to not mix this up with your sketch book. Your note book will also almost always be out and become more tired looking than your sketch book, so a hard wearing cover like these by Black n' Red are perfect. 

    Check Price on Amazon
  31. Moleskine Classic Notebook
  32. Moleskine Classic Notebook

    A good sketch book is obviously for sketching, but will also double up as an everyday journal of inspiration and observations. This and its contents, will prove to be very useful when bringing together your projects story and background.

    Check Price on Amazon
  33. Double-Sided Cutting Mat
  34. Double-Sided Cutting Mat

    One that is often overlooked if you haven’t had much experience with making models is a cutting mat. This provides a stable non-slip surface to work on but more importantly protects the surface below. There is nothing worse than putting a fresh scalpel line across your desk, or even worse, a whole set across your studios glass meeting room table!

    Check Price on Amazon
  35. Helix Tracing Roll
  36. Helix Tracing Roll

    It hopefully goes without saying that a roll of tracing paper will be required. You are likely to need this on a daily basis when designing and sketching by hand. Its very useful to be able to overlay plans, sections and elevational compositions on top of each other.

    Check Price on Amazon
  37. Stainless Steel Ruler
  38. Stainless Steel Ruler

    Steel rulers are a great tool for jobs requiring precise measurements, and are often different to scale rulers in that they just have the normal 1:1 mm, cm and inches measurements. We prominently use ours for model making, as if your rule is not made from metal, you will soon cut into it and ruin its clean drawing line …making it useless for both modelling and for drawing! …a good steel rule lasts forever

    Check Price on Amazon
  39. Architects' Data
  40. Architects' Data

    This is a very useful design guide that is full of data on just about anything you can think of, from the width of a hospital parking bay to the size of a football pitch stand. It’s one of the most useful books you can own as a student and professional.

    Check Price on Amazon
  41. Apple AirPods with Charging Case
  42. Apple AirPods with Charging Case

    A good set of earphones will be a lifesaver for when you need to zone out and focus on deadlines. Nothing says do not disturb, like a pair of earphones.

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  43. BIG. Yes is More.
  44. BIG. Yes is More.

    This book by Bjarke Ingles (BIG) demonstrates how to present and break down your work in a way that can be easily understood. As an architect he is very good at bringing and creating architecture to and for the public. BIG not only inspires and demonstrates how to communicate architecture projects well, but also presents a fine example of how critical an architecture concept is and even more, how important it is to share its process and development coherently.

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  45. Stanley Toolbox
  46. Stanley Toolbox

    You going to need something to carry all these model making tools in, and so a small tool box will provide a safe and portable store. Enjoy!

    Check Price on Amazon
  47. Miter Box & Ultra Thin Razor Saw Kit
  48. Miter Box & Ultra Thin Razor Saw Kit

    Not essential for a brand new student, but once you start making models these are really useful for cutting edges at an angle, which when done by freehand can be really hard to get right.

    Check Price on Amazon
  49. rOtring 600 Ballpoint Pen
  50. rOtring 600 Ballpoint Pen

    Same goes for a pen. Notes often need to be taken quickly and fast, and so it needs to be reliable and quickly accessible. These Rotring pens last for years …so far 10 for us! (With re-fills of course)

    Check Price on Amazon
  51. rOtring 800 Retractable Mechanical Pencil
  52. rOtring 800 Retractable Mechanical Pencil

    Mechanical pencils are good because they are hard wearing, last, and don’t require a sharpener.

    So they can be left in your bag or model making tool box, knowing that when you need it, it will be there and ready.

    Check Price on Amazon
  53. Adjustable Triangle
  54. Adjustable Triangle

    This is an invaluable tool for drawing board work, when getting the right and straight angle are incredibly important. We also used ours for model making

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  55. Laptop Sleeve
  56. Laptop Sleeve

    With all the moving around you’ll be doing, you will need to protect your laptop. So at least buy a sleeve for it, and protect it from your other architecture tools and equipment that may be knocking around your bag.

    Check Price on Amazon
  57. Architectural Scale Ruler Set
  58. Architectural Scale Ruler Set

    Professional Measuring Kit for Drafting, Construction - Imperial and Metric Conversion Table Included - Laser-Etched Markings, Anodized Aluminum

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  59. Wireless Mouse
  60. Wireless Mouse

    Enjoy Same Click Feel with 90% Less Click Noise, 2 Year Battery Life, Ergonomic Right-Hand Shape for Computers and Laptops, USB Unifying Receiver, Black

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Never search for a single CAD block ever again.

The AutoCAD Template Kit


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