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The Portfolio Kit

A complete toolkit for building, designing, and showcasing your portfolio work.

"A very well structured and comprehensive guide that's packed full of practical advice and knowledge. Particularly found the breakdown of portfolio examples and creator commentary extremely useful. Exactly what I was looking for."
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Architecture Portfolio kit

As portfolio nerds, we care deeply about how to successfully present interviewing winning catalogs of work

This comprehensive package provides an all-encompassing resource for portfolio creation, offering a definitive guidebook, extensive template collection, inspirational examples, specialized InDesign training, a thorough website building course, and a series of detailed checklists to support authors at every career stage and portfolio application.

The Concept Kit

Learn the processes that create innovative and award winning work.

"Concept development is an area I’ve always struggled with, but having utilized the strategies described and discussed in these guides, I now feel a lot more confident in my design process."
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Architecture Concept kit

Learn the methods and processes behind the inception and evolution of a design concept by...

This comprehensive course covers the foundations and development of design concepts, addressing their origins, influences, and significance, while equipping students with the principles, workflow, tools, and communication skills needed to generate, evolve, and enhance design projects effectively.

The CAD Template Kit

Populate your drawings quicker with 675+ metric and imperial "drag and drop" AutoCAD blocks and drawing standards.

""Thank you, this kit has given me the extra boost I needed to improve the depth of my drawings.""
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CAD Architecture Template

Have confidence in knowing that you have a collection of trusted resources that create professional grade drawings.

This comprehensive package includes over 325 DWG CAD blocks in both metric and imperial scales, more than 350 formatted drawing elements, two printing methods, a customizable layering system, three sample drawings for guidance, and instructional video tutorials for drafting and plotting with the template.

The Detail Template Kit

A collection of 110+ roof, wall, and floor CAD based architectural details in a variety of masonry, steel, concrete, and timber frame construction types.

"Sets up the foundation for detailing perfectly, thank you."
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Architecture detail template kit

This pack enables you as a designer to create detailed working drawings to fit any construction method.

Select and confidently implement tried-and-tested or bespoke construction methods with ease and efficiency, utilizing a comprehensive kit of parts and a library of components and hatches to save time and ensure success in your drawings.

Timber Detail Kit

A collection of 60+ standard and bespoke timber construction details for timber frame, SIP, and CLT constructions.

Architecture Timber Details

Improve your knowledge on detailing with an affordable, adaptable, and comprehensive timber detailing library

This comprehensive CAD collection offers over editable and print-ready foundation, wall, opening, and roof details for timber frame, SIP, and CLT constructions, compatible with any CAD software and suitable for a range of external applications.

The Cover Letter Kit

You only get one first impression. Introduce and present yourself the right way from the very beginning.

"...a brilliant selection of letters that have been simple to edit and adapt"
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Architecture Cover Letters

Easy to use, done-for-you templates for delivering a professional and interview winning introduction.

Craft a distinctive and impactful letter to showcase your unique identity, capabilities, and background, ensuring you stand out from the competition and secure an interview, all with the ease of our comprehensive assistance.

Site Analysis Symbols

Successfully represent and present your project analysis and research.

"These are great, I now use these with every project"
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Site Analysis Symbols

Successfully document and present Architectural site analysis recordings

This site analysis symbols kit, offered in three alternative styles and accessible in Photoshop format, provides a comprehensive and user-friendly assortment of key attributes in a table format, enabling easy drag-and-drop functionality, as well as customization in terms of scaling and color adjustments to meet specific needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

For the handbooks and documents you’ll need Adobe Acrobat and/or any web based browser to open them, and for the 3D concept blocks; SketchUp, the portfolio templates require InDesign, and the CAD templates and blocks can be opened in any CAD based software. All of these programs are readily available for free via their associated websites.

This is for anyone looking to make their architectural journey easier.

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Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Whilst focused solely upon architectural design, there are significant overlaps between all three of these professions, and so yes the processes and techniques discussed are very transferable.

Yes, this kit breaks down the complexities of the subject into bite-sized chunks that are extremely easy to digest and implement.

Just send us an email, or ask a question below any of the resources or courses in the course are of Teachable.

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