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Our catalog of resources and guides has been developed from over a decade of industry experience. 

Here we provide a range of carefully prepared guides, templates, devices and resources that are based only on learning high value skills and proven processes that we know work. Whether you are a new student or seasoned professional; these have been built for you…


The Concept Kit

Learn the process of how to create successful and meaningful design concepts, and the tools and techniques that help to develop them.



The Portfolio Guide


Portfolio Template Pack


Cover Letter Templates


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The Portfolio Kit

This is everything you need to craft an effective portfolio. Learn how to shape and use it to its full advantage with this in-depth guide and extensive set of InDesign templates…



Site Analysis Symbols (Hand Drawn)


Site Analysis Symbols


Site Analysis Symbols (B&W)


Detail Template Kit

A collection of 110+ roof, wall, and floor CAD based architectural details in a variety of masonry, steel, concrete, and timber frame construction types.


101 DWG People in Plan


101 DWG Trees in Plan


Architecture School Handbook


AutoCAD Template Kit

Populate your drawings quicker with this all-in-one catalog of metric and imperial 675+ professionally sourced “drag and drop” AutoCAD blocks and set of drawing standards.