15 of The Best Architecture Magazines

Whether you are an architect, an architectural student, or simply an enthusiast, architectural magazines are still a great medium of information.
Best Architecture Magazines

Whether you are a architect, an architectural student, or simply an enthusiast that likes to keep up with the current trends, architectural magazines are still an excellent medium for building up industry knowledge…

However, the internet is filled with a myriad of architectural periodicals, and finding one according to your liking can be tricky. So to help narrow down your choices and make your reading journey easier, we have listed 14 of the best architecture magazines available today.

Our 14 best architecture magazines for architects and students…

Before starting the article, keep in mind that the list below is not a concise ranking of these magazines as each of them has its merits and will cater to different interests and palettes. 

This article is merely a catalog that includes some of the most riveting and comprehensive magazines available online and will assist you through the preliminary stages of choosing your preferred online resource.

Listed below are a few of the best architectural resources available for readers, some of which you might have heard of before and some that are not as prominent.

1. Dwell

The Dwell magazine was launched in the October of 2000 by then CEO Lara Deam, and Karrie Jacobs took on the mantle as its first editor-in-chief. Dwell, in Lara Deam’s own words, was created as a space for people who want to learn more about architecture and design.

Dwell has a bi-monthly digital release schedule and has brought out hundreds of issues since it was launched back in 2000. The magazine focuses mainly on bridging the gap between design professionals (architects/ interior designers etc) and design enthusiasts.

This magazine is perfect for homeowners who are looking for modern design inspiration to integrate into their living spaces. 

A subscription to dwell magazine would be a great addition to your reading list if you are a fan of innovations and current trends in home technology. You can sign up for a subscription on their website (https://www.dwell.com/magazine) and start reading.

Best Architecture Magazines


DETAIL magazine is an internationally recognized professional journal that was launched by the DETAIL Business Information GmbH. The company was established in Germany in 1961 and the first issue was released in 1982.

The magazine releases 12 issues per year and each issue discusses in detail (as the name would suggest), a specific topic about architecture and construction. Apart from the physical publication, their website (https://www.detail-online.com/) has an online database available for ease of access.

The magazine is distributed in over 80 countries and has its readership based not only in architectural niches but in the engineering, structural, and planning sectors as well.

This magazine is not for light reading and would be recommended to those individuals who are active in the construction and/or architectural field, and want to expand their knowledge about the minute details in these disciplines.

Best Architecture Magazines


ICON was established in 2003 by Darren newton. The magazine is based in England and is one of the world’s leading architecture/design magazines.

Up until 2020, the magazine was published monthly but now has quarterly publications. ICON is known for providing its readers with insightful features that cover the latest design trends, critical exploration/reviews of contemporary buildings, and highly engaging interviews with prolific architects and designers.

The magazine’s piquant writing and its penchant for a novel take on architectural discourse make it a highly engaging read. And a subscription to ICON is a great idea for anyone who’s passionate about design and architecture, or simply wants to learn about current trends in the field.

Digital issues are available on their website (https://www.iconeye.com/).

Best Architecture Magazines


ENKI is one of the newer architecture magazines with its first issue being launched in the June of 2018. However, despite its short time in the public sphere, the magazine has garnered a loyal readership due to its unique and sophisticated curation of design information.

The magazine has a monthly publication and is renowned for its emphasis on a sustainable approach to modern design, as well as due to its quiet and calm aesthetic.

Each issue of ENKI features insightful articles about the latest launches, trends, and innovations in home design and architecture, supported by gorgeous visual aids that further engage the reader. 

The self-proclaimed “home of design and architecture”, ENKI is a celebration of domestic architecture and design. This magazine is for all those who like to imagine a higher and more luxurious standard of living and is available for subscription on their website (http://www.enkimagazine.com/).

Best Architecture Magazines

5. Architectural Digest

Undoubtedly one of the most popular architectural magazines out there, Architectural Digest (also known as AD) was established in 1920 and is currently published by Condé Nast.

AD has monthly issues and focuses on luxury interiors and residential architecture. AD has recently become very popular not only within the architecture community but for the followers of pop culture as well, as they frequently provide insights into celebrity houses.

Their youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/architecturaldigest) receives millions of views and is further adding to the popularity of the magazine.

The magazine was originally known for its inclination towards classical and traditional styles but has recently been incorporating features on modern and minimalist designs as well. The magazine is published internationally and has amassed a large number of readers due to its artful curation and enticing articles.

More information is available on their website (https://www.architecturaldigest.com/).

Best Architecture Magazines

6. Metropolis architecture magazine

Metropolis is an American publication that was launched in 1981 and has recently become the acquisition of Shadow media.

Issued monthly, the magazine provides its readers with incredibly informative interviews with industry experts as well as critical overviews of contemporary design trends.

And while the name suggests more of an urbane approach, the magazine delivers features on every scale, from the smallest architectural details to the large-scale urban projects that affect the fabric of our cities. 

Metropolis has recently been focusing a lot more on sustainable design solutions and how to implement planet-positive technology into our cities. So it is a good choice for people who want to expand their knowledge about green architecture and how our cities are affecting the climate.

The latest issues are available on their website (https://www.metropolismag.com/).

Best Architecture Magazines

7. Domus

The Italy-based magazine Domus was founded by architect Gio Ponti in 1928 to renew architecture and interior design. The illustrious magazine is one of the most well-known voices in the architectural field today.

Domus is issued monthly with readers in over 100 countries and covers a wide array of topics. It was initially circulated as a guide for homemaking and domestic furnishing, but over the years, it has evolved into a nuanced assemblage of critical theory, intellectual debates, and articles ranging from interior to urban design. 

Multiple prominent personalities such as Michele De Lucchi and David Chipperfield have served as guest editors for the magazine (under Domus’ 10x10x10 series).

Domus is a great choice for anyone who is interested in the design field and is looking for intellectual insights into the multiple facets of the discipline.

Digital copies are uploaded on their website (https://www.domusweb.it/en.html).

Best Architecture Magazines

8. Frame

Frame was launched in 1997 in the Netherlands, by Robert Thiemann. The magazine is distributed in over 77 countries and has become a leading name in contemporary design catalogs.

The colorful and stirring publication releases 6 issues per year and has remained true to its initial goal, i.e. to promote and dignify interior architecture, and has become one of the foremost interior design magazines available today.

And although interior design remains the primary niche of Frame, the magazine has recently begun incorporating residential projects into its publications.

Frame is a great choice for anyone who has an interest in interior design or is just looking for inspiration regarding a revamp of their spaces. You can subscribe to the magazine on their website (https://frameweb.com/).

Best Architecture Magazines

9. El Croquis (Expensive, but one of the best “magazines” for students)

El Croquis, which translates to “The Sketch” is one of the most distinguished architectural magazines in the world and was launched in 1982 in Spain. Although it is now distributed in over 80 countries.

El Croquis publishes 6 issues per year and each of its issues is dedicated to one specific architect. Celebrated names, such as Rem Koolhaas, Alvaro Siza, Rafael Moneo, and Herzog & de Meuron are among those who have been featured.

The magazine has become an inventory of established names in architecture. For upcoming architects, a  feature in El Croquis is a dream goal.

A subscription to this magazine is a great idea for those who are looking to increase their knowledge about famous architects and to learn the who’s who of architecture. Issues are available for digital purchase on their website (https://elcroquis.es/).

Best Architecture Magazines

10. Abitare

Abitare is a highly respected architectural magazine that was first published in 1961 in Italy. The magazine is available in English and Italian.

With monthly releases, Abitare discusses various topics but its primary focus is the inhabitation of our day-to-day spaces and how they are influenced by architecture and design. It studies the evolution of human ownership and behavior within these spaces and showcases how we can enhance our life experiences.

Abitare is a great option if you are looking for a magazine that approaches a more humanistic aspect of design. You can subscribe to their monthly issues on their website (https://www.abitare.it/en/).

Best Architecture Magazines

11. The Architectural Review

Launched in 1896, The Architectural Review is one of the oldest and most globally influential magazines available in the architecture today.

Issues are released monthly and are greatly regarded in the professional field for their fearless and bold coverage of old and new projects. As the name suggests, the magazine features independent reviews and critiques of the design forces shaping our 

If you are interested in honest, straightforward (and sometimes, provocative) analysis of the latest trends in architecture, a subscription to The Architectural Review (https://www.architectural-review.com/) would be worthy of your time.

Best Architecture Magazines

12. Wallpaper*

Wallpaper* is a cultural magazine launched in 1996 by Tyler Brule and Alexander Geringer. The magazine contents focus on architecture, design, art, and travel.

Wallpaper* is not exclusively an architectural magazine and celebrates all forms of creativity in design and art. The magazine, as well as its website (https://www.wallpaper.com/), provides multiple features on art, design, fashion, travel, technology, etc.

Apart from the publications, Wallpaper* also provides high-end interior design services under the banner of Wallpaper Composed.

Due to its incredibly varied subject matters, Wallpaper* is equally attractive for architects, art enthusiasts, and those passionate about travel and culture.

Best Architecture Magazines

13. Architectural Record

Another old and influential name in architecture publications, Architectural record has been thriving since its first publication in 1891.

Its monthly issues provide a holistic package for architecture enthusiasts and incorporate everything from residential to commercial projects, technological to cultural advancements, and thorough reviews of the latest projects.

Architectural Records also publishes analyses for current trends and new products available in the market and digital copies can be accessed through their website (https://www.architecturalrecord.com/).

The magazine is very popular within the professional community and is recommended for anyone seeking the latest overview of what’s happening in design and architecture.

Best Architecture Magazines

14. Adf

Adf (Architect’s Datafile) is essentially a multimedia brand that was first launched in 1994 by netMAGmedia and has been providing digital online content since 2004. 

Adf is released monthly and aims to bring together architects from all over the world and bring attention to the issues faced by the architectural community.

The magazine serves as a platform for architects to offer their opinions on various topics and reach a wide range of audiences. It also features detailed insights into various architectural projects and products.

For anyone looking to get informed about the latest discourse within the profession, Adf will be a worthy subscription. Adf provides a free download of various publications on their website (https://www.architectsdatafile.co.uk/).

Best Architecture Magazines

15. Architecture Today (free architecture magazine)

Architecture Today Magazine is a cutting-edge publication dedicated to the world of architecture and design.

It stands out in the landscape of architectural journalism by offering its content free of charge, making it accessible to a wide audience ranging from professional architects, students, and enthusiasts to the general public interested in the latest trends, innovations, and discussions within the field of architecture.

The magazine covers a broad spectrum of topics, including contemporary architectural projects, theoretical essays, in-depth analyses of current trends, interviews with leading architects, and reviews of new materials and technology.

Its commitment to providing high-quality content for free is part of its mission to foster a more inclusive and informed conversation about architecture and its impact on society and the environment.

Through its digital and occasionally print platforms, Architecture Today Magazine serves as a valuable resource for staying updated on the evolving architectural landscape, encouraging a deeper understanding and appreciation of architecture in its many forms.

Architecture today Free architecture magazine

FAQs about Architecture Magazines

Are architectural magazines important?

For the multifaceted architectural community, magazines provide inspiration, exposure, and knowledge. With articles ranging from interior design to structural innovations, there is something to cater to all niches and interests.

Overall, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that architectural journals and magazines are one of the primary modes of information influx for the design community and their importance cannot be overlooked.

Is detail magazine worth it?

Whether Detail Magazine is worth it largely depends on your specific interests and needs in the field of architecture, design, and construction.

Detail Magazine is highly regarded for its focus on the technical aspects of architectural projects, providing in-depth analyses, drawings, and detailed descriptions of building processes and materials. Here are several factors to consider when evaluating its value for you:

  1. Professional Development: For architects, engineers, and professionals in the construction industry, Detail Magazine can be an invaluable resource for staying updated on the latest construction techniques, materials, and architectural trends. It offers detailed documentation that can aid in professional growth and project inspiration.
  2. Educational Resource: Students of architecture and related fields may find Detail Magazine particularly beneficial for understanding the complexities of architectural design and construction. The detailed drawings and project analyses can complement academic studies and provide real-world examples of architectural concepts.
  3. Quality of Content: Detail Magazine is known for its high-quality content, including detailed architectural drawings, photographs, and technical descriptions. This level of detail can help readers gain a deeper understanding of each project’s design intent and execution.
  4. International Perspective: The magazine covers projects from around the world, offering a diverse perspective on architecture and design. This can be particularly valuable for readers interested in global architectural trends and practices.
  5. Cost vs. Benefit: The subscription cost is an important factor to consider. Given the magazine’s focus on detailed technical content, the price may be justified for professionals and students who can directly apply the insights gained to their work or studies. However, for casual readers or those with a more general interest in architecture, the cost may not be as easily justified.
  6. Digital and Print Options: Depending on your preference for digital or print media, Detail Magazine’s availability in both formats can add to its value. Digital subscriptions can offer additional benefits, such as access to an online archive.

In summary, if you are looking for in-depth technical information, detailed project analyses, and a broad perspective on contemporary architectural practices, Detail Magazine could be a worthwhile investment.

It is particularly valuable for those in the architecture and construction professions or students in these fields seeking to deepen their technical knowledge.

What are the oldest architecture magazines?

Several architecture magazines have long histories, reflecting the evolving discourse in architecture, design, and urban planning over the decades. Here are some of the oldest architecture magazines that have made significant contributions to the field:

  1. The Architectural Review (AR): Founded in 1896 in London, The Architectural Review has been a key voice in architectural criticism and theory for over a century. It is known for its critical approach to contemporary architecture, urbanism, and cultural theory, aiming to inspire better building and design practices.
  2. Architectural Record: Established in 1891, Architectural Record is an American magazine that has played a crucial role in the architecture profession. It provides news, analysis, and information on trends, technology, and projects worldwide, serving as a key resource for architects, design professionals, and students.
  3. The Builder (later renamed Building): First published in 1843 in the UK, The Builder was a journal of architecture aimed at the building trade. It has undergone several changes over the years and is known today as Building, a magazine that covers news, analysis, and opinion for the UK construction industry.
  4. L’Architecture Française: While not as widely known internationally, L’Architecture Française was an influential French magazine that started in the early 20th century. It focused on modern architecture and the avant-garde, contributing to discussions around modernism in architecture.
  5. Casabella: Founded in 1928 in Italy, Casabella is one of the most prestigious architectural and design magazines in Italy. It has a rich history of exploring contemporary architectural theory and practice, with a focus on modernist principles and their evolution.
  6. Domus: Another cornerstone of Italian architectural publishing, Domus was founded in 1928 by the famed architect Gio Ponti. It covers a wide range of topics, including architecture, design, art, and product design, maintaining a reputation for high-quality content and presentation.

These magazines have not only chronicled the development of architectural thought and practice over the years but have also influenced generations of architects, designers, and planners.

They provide a window into the historical and cultural contexts in which they were published, reflecting the concerns, styles, and technological advancements of their times.

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