55 of the Best Architecture Websites

The internet has a vast amount of information for architects to utilize...

Architecture is a constantly evolving field, with new designs, materials, and technologies emerging every day. As a result, it has become increasingly difficult to stay up-to-date on the latest developments and trends in the industry.

However, fortunately it is now easier than ever to access the never ending updates and news via a huge array of architecture websites.

In this article, we will be discussing the best architecture websites that provide valuable information, inspiration, and resources for architects, students, and anyone interested in the field of architecture. Whether you are looking for information on the latest architectural projects, design principles, building materials, or construction techniques, these websites have got you covered.

So, if you’re looking to stay informed and inspired in the world of architecture, read on!

Architecture website roundup

The internet has never been more full, but with so much inspiration and knowledge are at our fingertips, it’s become increasingly harder to narrow down where we should be spending our time.

So we’ve started a directory…

Currently containing 55 of what we consider to be the best architecture websites, this list will be regularly updated and added to over time, with the aim of providing only the most useful resources for both architects and students.

While many of these publications and sites are well-known, others are more obscure, and so to kick things off we’re starting with a selection of our favorite news sites…

Architecture news websites

For those interested in keeping up-to-date with what is happening within the architecture community (which of course you are!), there are a variety of online publications that share articles on recently built projects, new proposals, competitions, and opinions.


ArchDaily is notably the largest and most visited digital architecture publication. The website shares news, projects, interviews, events, and competitions. Moreover, it is a great resource for catching up on what’s happening in the industry, looking at projects for inspiration, or finding a job or architecture challenge.

Archdaily logoThe Most Useful and Best Architecture Websites


Architect is an online journal by the American Institute of Architects. The site showcases projects, news within the industry, as well as building technologies. In addition, they’ve partnered with Hanley Wood University to promote a variety of courses offered by the school as part of continued education for certification programs like AIA.

This website is great for staying updated on the field, whether it be what other firms are doing, new products, or upcoming awards and events.

Architect logoThe Most Useful and Best Architecture Websites


Like the previous two sites, Azure offers a great collection of architecture projects to look through. However, the publication also prints six physical issues a year, where besides architecture, their articles also cover interiors, product design, landscape design, and urbanism.

Azure is a great source for those who enjoy viewing architecture and design, as well as anyone needing some inspiration.

Azure logoThe Most Useful and Best Architecture Websites

The Architectural Review

Founded in 1896, The Architectural Review has been sharing theoretical essays, critiques of culturally significant buildings, and architecture competitions. Not to mention, they offer three podcasts that interview influential figures in architecture about important topics in the industry.

The Architectural Review is a beneficial source for anyone interested in contemplating deeper questions about architecture.

Architecture review logo The Most Useful and Best Architecture Websites

The Architect’s Newspaper

Similar to the previous publication, The Architect’s Newspaper engages in criticism and discourse about architecture. In addition, it focuses on reporting news within the built design community.

Upon visiting the website, you’ll also see an industry events calendar, awards, competitions, and job listings. The stories range from architecture, art, design, urbanism, and interiors. Consequently, this is an overall great source for news and opinions about the field and adjacent fields, as well as locating upcoming events.

The Architect’s Newspaper logoThe Most Useful and Best Architecture Websites

Architectural Record

Architectural Record is a website and monthly magazine that began over 130 years ago. Their writers cover news, commentary and criticism, building technologies, and continuing education. They also carry out insightful interviews, such as one with Loris Brown on the Political Role of Architects.

This website is a helpful tool for architects, engineers, and designers to get an inside scoop on happenings within the architectural practice.

Architectural Record logoThe Most Useful and Best Architecture Websites


Metropolis is another place to read up on opinions and projects, but their scope ranges across design disciplines. Recently, they’ve been publishing pieces on the emerging Metaverse and its relevance to design. The website also offers a design tv and job listings. Altogether, Metropolis is a wonderful site for design enthusiasts and professionals.

Best Architecture Websites

World Architecture

The next website is significantly different from the aforementioned publications. World Architecture is a platform that enables visitors to become a member, share projects, and submit articles. Therefore, their approach to discourse is much more inclusive. Additionally, the website releases its own articles as well.

If you enjoy reading, the site includes articles on projects, world issues, and current events in architecture. Anyone that’s looking for architecture projects, intriguing articles, or a place to publish their own should visit World Architecture.

Best Architecture Websites


The Dwell website and printed publication are less industry-specific but concentrate on home tours, real-estate listings, and guides to designing a home. Nevertheless, it’s a great place for people interested in architecture to view projects. Overall, the website is geared towards non-professionals who enjoy design.

Best Architecture Websites

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest is a famous monthly magazine and website that publishes articles on architecture, interior design, and landscaping. Notably, they feature luxury real-estate and celebrity home tours. Today, the publication offers nine international editions and has a circulation of over 800,000, not including the millions of followers on social media.

The publication is perfect for those who just want to look at beautiful designs and interiors. Generally, their audience is more people interested in style than architects and other design professionals.

Architectural Digest logo

Architecture website for architects

For those who are practicing or planning to enter the architecture profession, there are a number of websites that act as resources in the community. They range from online forums, guides, and unbuilt-project collections.


Similar to many of the architecture news websites, Architizer showcases a large number of projects. However, they also feature a significant amount of unbuilt projects, information on the team of each development, and a page that allows you to view the work of different firms.

Therefore, Architizer is more of a database of projects, which is great for architects searching for information on specific buildings or just looking for inspiration.

Architizer  logo


eVolo is an online journal that publishes articles about built and unbuilt architecture projects, design products, and software workshops and initiatives. They are most known for their annual Skyscraper Competition, which draws in submissions from around the world, where the event receives an abundance of media attention and the projects are published in a book.

As a result, eVolo is a great place to look through the previous submissions and the work of those who won. This is helpful for gaining inspiration, viewing successful ideas, and witnessing various render styles.

eVolo logo Best Architecture Websites

Life of an Architect

This next website is a blog about architecture and what it is like to be an architect. Moreover, Life of an Architect publishes insightful articles on relatable topics like preparing for the master thesis presentation, managing burnout, and great books to read.

On iTunes, you can also listen to the blog’s podcast, which covers many of these topics and more.

This site is a great source for anyone considering becoming an architect, those who are currently studying architecture, or emerging professionals.

Life of an Architect logo Best Architecture Websites

Study Architecture

Study Architecture is an amazing guide and resource for students. They share tips about becoming an architect, events, and useful websites. The site includes thorough information about different architecture schools you may be interested in, like the university setting, the school’s philosophy, areas of focus, student opportunities, available facilities, transfer policies, and offered degrees.

If you’re deciding what schools to apply to or attend, Study Architecture is the site to visit!

Study Architecture logo Best Architecture Websites

Visualizing Architecture

Visualizing Architecture has a gallery of unbuilt projects and architecture drawings. Not to mention, they post visualization tutorials on fundamentals, styles and effects, final moves, and other topics. This is a great resource for aiding in projects or developing a portfolio.

Visualizing Architecture logo Best Architecture Websites


Archinect is a popular forum within the architecture community. Anyone who joins can publish editorials or news articles, and ask questions about schools, issues in the community, and working as a professional.

Often, students post inquiries about choosing one architecture program over another, wherein many alumni and current students aid in the decision-making process.

Archinect is also a helpful tool for viewing and posting job listings, reading about academic institutions, and viewing profiles of people at different firms and schools. You also have the ability to showcase your experiences, resume, and portfolio in your profile.

Overall, Archinect is an incredible tool for engaging with others within the architecture community.

Archinect logo Best Architecture Websites


Divisare is an online collection of architecture projects from around the world. They share clear images of the exterior and interior of different works. Not only that, but they even feature the floor plans of some projects.

Additionally, their interface is efficient for filtering projects by ideas, topics, cities, elements, materiality, types, etc. Given their vast amount of projects, this is a great place to get ideas for your next project.

Divisare logo Best Architecture Websites


For viewing architecture projects, Archhello is also a wonderful source. They provide images as well as drawings for many buildings, and regularly share articles on newly built projects.

Building professionals can also view products, such as commercial carpeting, furniture, and lighting. Making this a tool that can be used for researching buildings and locating manufacturers for various products. 

Archhello logo Best Architecture Websites


RNDRD features architectural drawings and models that were scanned from 20th-century design publications. Significantly, they only share renderings, (drawings, collages, models, and graphics) rather than completed works.

Scrolling through RNDRD, you’ll see many sections and plans, images of models, and abstract drawings. This is a great resource for architecture students and those wanting to expand their exposure to architecture visualization.

RNDRD logo Best Architecture Websites


KoozArch also delves into the unbuilt, by offering information on abstract projects and interviews of the people behind them. Their mission states that they approach the architect as not someone who builds, but one with the power to imagine.

Moreover, they believe in academia as a prime space for creative critical thinking and aim to provide a voice for young creatives. As a result, anyone interested in exploring unbuilt projects and the work coming from architecture schools would benefit from KoozArch.

Best Architecture Websites

Architecture website for design

Of the variety of websites, some are less specific to architecture and are suited for those who also have a keen interest in design.


Dezeen has over three million monthly readers, with a mission to bring a curated selection of the best architecture, design, and interior projects and news from around the world. In doing so, the site highlights newly built/designed projects along with engaging narratives.

They also publish opinion pieces on projects, the community, and history. Along with interviews from key change-makers in the industry, an active job page with a bountiful supply of design positions, and each year, the Dezeen Awards recognize the world’s greatest architecture, interiors, and design.

Dezeen logo Best Architecture Websites


A similar design publication is Wallpaper, which features articles online and in a monthly-printed issue. On the site, you can read about architecture projects (many of which are residential homes), design (mostly products and furniture), art, travel, technology, fashion, and even more.

This site is great for those interested in design to look through projects. However, the content is less aimed at industry professionals.

Wallpaper logo Best Architecture Websites

Design Milk

Design Milk is another website that engages with topics of architecture, art, home furnishings, interior design, fashion, technology, and art. Simultaneously, they highlight emerging creatives and the work of notable architects.

Given Design Milk’s focus on different areas of design and architects in the community, any architect interested in hearing about their field and adjacent disciplines would appreciate this publication.

Design Milk logo Best Architecture Websites

Design Boom

One final website that is closely related to the above three is Designboom. The publication releases new articles every day on topics ranging from architecture, art, interiors, design, and technology.

Recently, they added a jobs page for anyone seeking a design-related position. The website also showcases upcoming competitions, interviews, and a library of products. For people who prefer learning through visualization over reading, the site also uploads design-related videos.

Designboom logo Best Architecture Websites

The Design Files

Curious about design within the home? The Design Files shares informative articles and guides about residential architecture, interiors, and gardens in Australia. While their target audience isn’t practicing architects and designers, the site is still a great place to find projects for inspiration.

Additionally, you can find a selection of interviews with designers and artists, like architects Penelope Seidler and Peter Maddison.

The Design Files logo Best Architecture Websites


While not only specific to architecture or design, Pinterest is an image-sharing platform that allows users to save pictures into collections. More than that, the site determines what images you may be interested in seeing and presents them on a feed.

Pinterest is commonly used by students and practicing architects and designers to find inspiration. It is a great place to look at built projects, architecture drawings, fashion archives, furniture design, interiors, etc.

Best Architecture Websites


Similar to Pinterest, Are.na is a social networking site where people can upload images and find inspiration. What makes this site great is that most of the photos you’ll see are design or art-related. There is an abundance of graphic design, typography, photography, architecture, and digital art.

When you click on an image, you can view the original source as well as other channels that have included that work. As a result, it’s easy to find projects that match your interests.

Best Architecture Websites

Design Week

Design Week shares news and projects across creative disciplines but is more geared towards members of the design community.

Overall, the site has less architecture-related content but presents a great opportunity for learning about what is occurring in the fields of graphic design, industrial/product design, and exhibition design.

Best Architecture Websites


Another design publication, Gray, shares content related to architecture, design, and the arts. While the site talks about newly built projects and architecture news, it also has a page dedicated to exploring different firms.

Gray also films a series called “In the Design Lounge,” which includes casual conversations with innovative designers. This can be useful for anyone wanting advice on having a creative career. 

Architecture firm websites

Architects frequently visit the websites of firms to view their recent and upcoming projects. Additionally, students and professionals may be inspired by the site’s design for how they present their own work.

In response, we’ve compiled some popular and greatly designed websites.


The Office of Metropolitan Architecture, or OMA, is a well-known and international architecture firm. Upon visiting their website, you can scroll through their most recent projects. While some are built and some are renderings, the abundance of works reinforces the studio’s global presence.

The OMA website is a great example for showcasing your work, whether it be for your portfolio or your studio, as the office page clearly lists the information of each of its locations. On each project page, the location, client, year, status, program, partner, team, and collaborators are mentioned.

Not only that, they include all of the media coverage that the product received.

Best Architecture Websites


Another notable international architecture studio is Skidmore, Owings, and Merrell, also known as SOM. Their website is a great resource for viewing architecture, as their projects range from airports, civil and government, higher education, interiors, and landscape, to name a few.

The project pages feature information such as status, completion years, and size. This could be useful for any student researching a building from the firm. For people interested in environmental design, the website also includes SOM’s plans for climate action.

Best Architecture Websites


Gensler is remarkably the largest architecture firm in the world, with offices in 49 cities across the globe. With such a large team and resources, the company works on a variety of project types and hires experts in architecture, urban planning, energy, technology, development, etc.

On their website, Gensler highlights all of their completed and planned projects in different categories. Not only that, they have a page dedicated to research, which is a great source for people interested in building technologies.

The firm also has a publication called Design Forecast, which comments on the future of the field, Dialogue, which discusses shifts in urban experience, and Design Update, which talks about their client’s business drivers and Gensler’s innovative solutions.

Best Architecture Websites

Perks and Will

Another corporate architecture firm is Perkins and Will. The office’s website features projects with a multitude of programs, such as civic and cultural, health, and landscape architecture. What’s great about the site is being able to read the backstory of their projects and their design.

Perkins and Will are also very involved in research and technology. In fact, their website includes a research journal for visitors that are interested in architecture and the sciences. 

Best Architecture Websites


FXCollaborative is another architecture firm that engages in different project types and research. Their project pages outline the context and features of each work, and some include videos and press.

What is significant about its website is the activity webpage. This blog-like feature posts what is happening within the offices as well as about the firm’s progress. For example, they highlighted their summer interns. This is great insight for anyone interested in making an architecture blog or for sharing updates and other media.

Best Architecture Websites

Herzog de Meuron

While Herzog de Meuron has seven offices across Europe, Asia, and North America, they are a much smaller firm than the first four. Moreover, the architecture studio is less corporate, which is evident in the design of its website. You will notice that it features more artistic typography, a simple layout, and small images.

Given the minimalist approach to showcasing the firm’s projects, lectures, exhibitions, and offices, it is a great example for developing an online portfolio for students and architects.

Best Architecture Websites

Höweler + Yoon

An even smaller architecture firm is Höweler + Yoon, which has a modern and simple website. It features a white background and simple black text across different pages, highlighting the firm’s projects, office, team, installations, exhibitions, and products.

Because of the simplicity of the site, it is also a good example of the basic elements of showcasing your work.

Best Architecture Websites


Bjarke Ingels Group, or BIG, is a name-sake firm run by a star architect. The office’s website has gained much attention in the architecture community for its efficient way of communicating its projects and concepts.

Upon entering the site, there are colorful squares stacked over years. Moreover, the simple icons are meant to represent different projects. This way of organization helps visitors understand the firm’s progression over the years.

On each project page, there is a slideshow that includes project images, information, and diagrams explaining the thought process. Notably, these graphics are easy to understand for non-architects, as they depict how the form of the space was developed and for what purpose.

BIG’s website is a great tool for learning how to communicate your design and concept.

Best Architecture Websites

Kéré Architecture

Francis Kéré is the proud recipient of the Pritzker Prize, the most prestigious architecture award. His studio’s website emphasizes its approach to considering local contexts.

Upon the project pages, the firm also highlighted many key features. For example, in the Serpentine Pavilion, the website mentions that the canopy becomes a source of illumination in the evening. Therefore, anyone that would like to improve the descriptions of their projects should take a look at Kéré’s website.

Best Architecture Websites

MAD Architects

Mad Architects is another star-architect firm, which is based in China and run by Ma Yansong. The office is famous for its organic style and approach to futuristic design. Moreover, the site includes beautiful imagery or built projects and detailed renders of unbuilt works.

For projects under construction, like the Nanjing Zendai Himalayas Center, there are images of scale models. Overall, MAD Architect’s website is a great place to explore visual representation.

Best Architecture Websites

Architecture website design examples

Aside from firms, there are other architecture-related websites that are great examples for creating your own.

Team TDA

Team TDA offers a course in architecture, engineering, and project management that centers around Building Information Modeling (BIM). While they are a firm, the office assists projects in BIM management and implementation.

The reason why Team TDA has such an exemplary website is because of its aesthetic qualities, graphics that move as you scroll, and clearly outlined objectives. This could help with building a website that is visually engaging.

Best Architecture Websites


Another markedly well-designed site is d.esk, which is a practice that uses paper to investigate design possibilities. Aside from the elegant typeface, and simple layout, the paper models are documented very well.

For example, the Slump Model was photographed in a brightly lit interior space with white walls. In addition, the team developed digital renderings of a paper model that are almost convincing as real.

This is a great site for students to look at ways of representing and documenting their work.

Best Architecture Websites

Flora Studio

Similarly, Flora Studio shares digital rendering of scale models. The site also has great examples of line drawings, post-digital drawings, and photography. Overall, they provide a good example for website design and architectural projection.

Best Architecture Websites

Columbia GSAPP

Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation is known for its colorful, graphic-based, website. The school implemented chroma blue, which is often used in design spaces. Additionally, the GSAPP website features a gradient background and bright-green elements, providing a great source for viewing how to implement color on a site.

Besides the design, the website is also a great place to view student work from their different graduate-level programs. Also, the school carries out a series of informative lectures and conferences, which can be watched via Zoom and accessed through the website.

Best Architecture Websites

Harvard GSD

Another architecture school with an extraordinary website is the Harvard Graduate School of Design or GSD.

What makes this site so great is the large quantity of information the school needs to convey, from the different degree programs, applications, faculty, school resources, news, events, exhibitions, and projects. The GSD manages to organize all of that without making the site overwhelming.

Additionally, the website promotes several podcasts that the school hosts, as well as student work. This can be used as a resource for architecture students looking to expand their knowledge and gain inspiration.

Best Architecture Websites

Office for Urbanization

In relation to the GSD, the school’s Office for Urbanization continues the institution’s practice of design innovation to address societal and cultural conditions that are related to urbanization.

Furthermore, the website contains a short list of unbuilt projects, plans, and initiatives. For each project, the website depicts graphics that catch your eye. For example, the Future of the American City Initiative contains a blue exploded diagram.

This is a great source for viewing intriguing digital imagery in architecture.

Best Architecture Websites

Disc Journal

Disc Journal is a publication that “explores the entanglements between architecture, media, and technology.” Their contributors come from a wide range of offices and academic institutions. Moreover, the site’s layout is simple to emphasize the writing and graphics themselves.

Anyone interested in reading about architecture or having a more artistic website should check out the Disc Journal.

Best Architecture Websites


While this site in itself isn’t for architecture, Issuu is a platform for online publishing. Many architecture students upload their portfolios to this website. Therefore, it contains an extensive amount of examples to look through.

Something to note is not just the projects themselves but more so the layout of the document, and students will also include what schools they were admitted to if the portfolio was used to apply to graduate programs.

Best Architecture Websites

Most useful websites for architects

Architects have also utilized the internet to create websites that offer resources to others in the field. They range from tutorials, modeling and drawing tools, website builders, and more.


Are you interested in learning Rhino, a 3D computer-aided design software, or improving your skills? Well, HowtoRhino offers free training on the basic essentials, organic design, as well as Grasshopper, a plugin for parametric modeling with Grasshopper.

This is a great resource for students and professionals that want to increase their proficiency in this regularly used software.

Best Architecture Websites


Another amazing online resource for Rhino is Food4Rhino, which is a marketplace for third-party plugins. These apps can help you perform complicated commands or model unique geometries more efficiently.

In addition, Food4Rhino has a great number of materials and 3D models. The materials can be used when rendering your project. Consequently, Food4Rhino is an incredible website for advancing your projects.

Best Architecture Websites


Speaking of materials, AmbientCG offers an entire collection of free textures that you can utilize in your projects. This includes a variety of rocks, marble, road, steel, pebbles, flooring, etc. You can even choose the resolution of the images, depending on how large of a file you want to use.

Best Architecture Websites


Another similar resource is Sketchfab, which is a digital marketplace for 3D models. While the site offers architecture models, you can also find vehicles, characters, furniture, and virtual environments. T

his is great for portraying the surroundings or interior of your project so you don’t have to focus on modeling each element. However, Sketchfab’s 3D models are not free.

Best Architecture Websites


CadSoftTools develops software that people can use to aid with drawings, diagrams, plans, 3D models, and other vector files. While many of them must be purchased, the site features a free PDF to DWG file converter. This can help transfer drawings to 3D software.

Best Architecture Websites


If you’re interested in applying to design jobs or just want to share your work with others, having a website is important. To build one, Cargo is a great tool. The platform has received much attention from designers and artists for its layouts and accessible fonts.

Not to mention, it is free to try. To publish the site, the cost is $99 per year or $13 a month. Also, keep in mind the cost of a domain if you want to have a unique website name. Fortunately, Cargo has reached out to many design schools to promote their services, offering students free usage.

Best Architecture Websites


Architects often incorporate figures in their drawings to represent scale. Luckily, Pimp my Drawing is an online library of free silhouettes of people, trees, cars, plants, and furniture. This extensive collection can help upgrade your architecture drawings by downloading and using their Adobe Illustrator and DWG file elements.

Best Architecture Websites

Drawing Matter

Locating old and new drawings of architecture projects can be challenging. However, Drawing Matter is an online database of architectural drawings from the sixteenth century to the present day. The site is accessible to researchers, students, and practitioners.

Best Architecture Websites

To conclude…

The integration of the internet and architecture has enabled an extensive amount of inspiration, information, and resources to be shared. Online publications, libraries of projects, firm websites, and digital tools are just some examples.

From architecture and design enthusiasts to students, and practicing architects, there’s something for everyone.

Of course if you feel we’ve missed anyone important and/or think you have a resource worthy of being added to the list, please see free to reach out.

FAQ’s about architecture websites

What are the best websites for learning basics in architecture?

There are several websites that provide information and resources for learning the basics of architecture. Some of the best include:

  1. ArchDaily: This website provides a wealth of information on architectural design, history, and theory, as well as news and articles on the latest architectural projects. It also includes a section for students and young architects, with resources such as tutorials and interviews with established architects.
  2. Skillshare: This website offers a wide range of online classes and tutorials on various subjects, including architecture. It has a variety of classes that cover topics like architectural history, design principles, building materials, and construction techniques.
  3. Coursera: This website offers online courses from top universities and organizations on a wide range of subjects, including architecture. They have various courses that cover architecture history, design, and technology, some of them are even offered by prestigious universities such as Yale, Princeton and MIT.
  4. Architecture.com: The website of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) provides a variety of resources, including a section for students, which offers information on studying architecture, career advice and an inspiration section with a collection of famous architects work.
  5. studyarchitecture.com: This website is dedicated to providing resources and information for students, educators, and professionals in the field of architecture. It includes information on architectural education, career paths, and the latest industry news and developments.

How do I start learning about architecture?

Learning about architecture can be a fun and rewarding experience. Here are a few steps to help you get started:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the basics: Start by learning about the fundamental concepts of architecture, such as design principles, building materials, and construction techniques. Websites such as ArchDaily, Architecture.com, Skillshare, and studyarchitecture.com can provide valuable information on these topics.
  2. Study architectural history: Understanding the history of architecture can provide valuable context and inspiration for your own designs. Look into famous architects and their work, as well as different architectural styles and movements.
  3. Get hands-on experience: One of the best ways to learn about architecture is to get hands-on experience. Consider taking a workshop, participating in a design-build program, or working on a real-world project.
  4. Get creative: Architecture is a creative field, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things. Sketch designs, build models, or use computer-aided design (CAD) software to create your own architectural projects.
  5. Take an online course: There are many online courses available on websites such as Coursera and Skillshare that can provide a structured learning experience and connect you with other students and professionals in the field.
  6. Consider a degree: Many universities and colleges offer degree programs in architecture. This can be a great way to gain a more in-depth understanding of the field and learn from experienced professionals.
  7. Join a community: Joining a community of architects and architecture students can be a great way to learn from others, stay updated on the latest developments in the field and make connections.
  8. Visit a building: Look for opportunities to visit buildings and study their design, construction and materials. Take notes, take pictures and try to understand how the design decisions were made, the materials used and the building techniques.

What is the best architecture website?

The best architecture website is subjective and can vary depending on the individual’s needs and interests. Some popular and highly-regarded architecture websites include:

  1. ArchDaily: ArchDaily is one of the most popular architecture websites, providing daily news, projects, and architectural products. It’s a great resource for architects, students, and anyone interested in the field of architecture.
  2. Dezeen: Dezeen is a global architecture and design magazine that features the latest news, projects, and products from the industry. It’s a great source for inspiration and to stay updated on the latest design trends.
  3. Archinect: Archinect is an online platform for architects, students, educators and fans of architecture. It features a vast collection of architecture projects, competitions, events, news, and more.
  4. Architizer: Architizer is a website that specializes in architecture and design products, it’s a great resource for architects to find products and materials that can be used in their projects.
  5. Architecture.com: The website of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) provides a variety of resources, including a section for students, which offers information on studying architecture, career advice, and an inspiration section with a collection of famous architects’ work.

Ultimately, the best architecture website for you will depend on your specific interests and needs. It’s a good idea to explore different websites and see which one provides the most valuable information and resources for you.

What websites are like ArchDaily and Archello?

ArchDaily is a website that provides news, articles, and inspiration for architects and architecture enthusiasts. Here are some websites that are similar to ArchDaily:

  1. Dezeen: Dezeen is an online magazine that covers architecture, design, and technology. It features news, articles, and interviews with architects and designers from around the world.
  2. Architizer: Architizer is a platform for architects to showcase their work, connect with potential clients, and stay up to date with the latest industry news.
  3. Designboom: Designboom is a website that covers all areas of design, including architecture, art, and technology. It features news, interviews, and reviews of new products and designs.
  4. Archinect: Archinect is a website that provides resources and information for architects and architecture students. It features job listings, forums, and news about the industry.
  5. ArchiExpo: ArchiExpo is a website that showcases products and materials for the architecture and design industry. It features a directory of suppliers, as well as news and reviews of new products and materials.
  6. World-Architects: World-Architects is a website that features architecture news, reviews, and interviews. It also provides a directory of architects and firms from around the world.
  7. The Architect’s Newspaper: The Architect’s Newspaper is a website that provides news, analysis, and opinion about the architecture industry. It covers topics such as urbanism, sustainability, and technology.
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