The Concept Kit


Learn the processes that create innovative and award winning work.

"Concept development is an area I’ve always struggled with, but having utilized the strategies described and discussed in these guides, I now feel a lot more confident in my design process."
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Architecture Student ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ this you?

Not sure how to approach and start a new project?

Find it difficult to establish a design process and methodology?

Struggling to develop a meaningful design response?

Finding design projects difficult and/or daunting?

Don't understand how to develop a strong foundation for your project?

Your design concepts don't withstand scrutiny and require more depth? your design project keeping you up at night!?

Feel confident...

...and create unique and meaningful design responses every time.

Architecture concept kit

Learn the methods and processes behind the inception and evolution of a design concept by...

Learning the origins, influencing factors, purpose and importance of a design concept, together with the problems you can face and how to resolve them.

Be introduced to the four core principles of starting a design project and how they are used to develop a design project.

Be taught the workflow, methods, and tools to generating ideas for any given design project. Along with a complete catalog of ready-made tried and tested approaches and examples.

Understand how to take these approaches and systems and evolve them into concise and meaningful projects.

Understand how to successfully communicate and present each conceptual approach through a range of media and techniques.

and finally, learn how to consistently and continuously improve upon this whole process.

...these tools are built to equip you with design confidence.

What's inside?

Design Process Guidebook

This book provides a step by step guide on how to use deep analysis, research, and testing to generate consistent and successful design responses.

"A very informative set of guides and resources, thank you."
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Architecture Intern ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐​
Architecture Design process Guidebook

Start every new project with excitement and enthusiasm.

Understand the fundamentals of a design concept’s need and purpose, and how it can provide the starting blocks to a successful outcome.

Architecture Design process Guidebook

Know that you can find a strong conceptual approach.

Learn the methods and processes behind the inception and evolution of a design concept by examining its origins, fundamentals, methods of development and presentation techniques.

Architecture design ideas process book

...and develop an award winning design proposal.

Develop, craft and communicate consistent and successful design responses each and every time.

Architecture design ideas process book

The key to design confidence is knowing the process.

Discover the core components, principles, and processes to form the foundations of award winning design work.

Learn the formulas that create unique and meaningful conceptual approaches

This, together with the rest of the parts contained within this kit, aims to add a greater depth and rigor to your conceptual process, build your confidence as a designer, and strengthen your overall approach.

Understand the methods and strategies.

Learn the processes that create unique and meaningful conceptual approaches not matter the brief.

Always start with a strong foundation.

Build your design projects on top of background research and disciplined investigation.

Always have confidence in your design process.

Learn the tools, techniques and principles required to put you in front of the starting blocks, and kickstart your design development each and every time.

Concept Ideas Catalog

This has been created to inspire not instruct, to evoke not prompt, and to provide not teach.

"Why didn't I find this earlier! This kit breaks down what can be an extremely complicated topic into a very effective and manageable workflow ...packed full of great examples!"
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Architectural Assistant ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Architecture design ideas book

Stop using Google!

An internet search for concept examples will most likely lead to one of our online pages ...This book provides a much deeper and comprehensive catalog of ideas and breaks them down.

Architecture design ideas book 02

Instantly find inspiration.

Whether through lack of understanding, knowledge, confidence, or simply due to time pressures, every designer needs inspiration.

Architecture design ideas book 01

Start designing with a clear purpose.

The concept ideas and examples featured in this document aim to put you in front of the starting blocks, and kickstart your design development.

Architecture design ideas book

A library of ideas and literal approaches.

Very few resources truly provide workable approaches and strategies that can provide the right levels of illumination to generate consistent and innovative architectural responses.

Find inspiration.

Here we aim to equip designers and architects with essential methods and tools for developing
original and creative conceptual approaches.

This is not a cheat sheet

But a collection of ideas, examples and most importantly, inspiration.

These are methods & tools

This is a collection and resource that avoids temporary fashionable ideas.

Ready-made approaches

This is a primer to establishing and fine tuning.

Concept Design Elements

A comprehensive list of elements that are designed to ignite creative thinking.

"As a third year architecture student, I've found this kit to be an absolute game changer. It's formatted extremely well, and offers a very effective workflow and process"
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Architecture design elements

Ideas don't just come from images.

This is an idea generation tool that uses words to provide alternative routes of creating thinking.

Architecture design elements

New avenues to explore.

Unveil new directions and possibilities that can be applied to surfaces, objects, and materials.

Architecture design elements

A world of in-between strategies.

Generate and combine adjectives with verbs, to create a design manifesto that can applied to your design projects.

Examine new forms of innovative conceptual exploration.

Sending oversized files, and links to free hosting sites fill of advertising – may be costing you more than you think!

Architecture Concept topics

Project Theme Ideas

This is a curated selection of predefined project themes, topics, and approaches.

"Packed with relevant examples and insightful instructions, this kit delivers what it promises. It takes an often intimidating subject matter and makes it perfectly manageable, even for a first year!"
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Architecture Design Project Ideas 01

Ready made design topics.

These are predefined working project theses, that have been selected and developed for independent design research.

Architecture Concept thesis topics

Discover new creative directions.

Arguably one of the most important aspects of a project, find and narrow down a workable direction.

Architecture Concept building typologies

50 ready made themes and approaches.

These thesis topics can be taken literally, combined together and/or simply used as a source of inspiration.

Providing further examples and avenues to explore.

These can be taken literally, paired together and/or simply used as a source of inspiration.

Architecture Concept thesis topics

3D Concept Models

An extensive library of experimental drag and drop 3D forms and volumes

"Archisoup is a lifesaver for architecture students like me. I found that many of the insights explained here were competently glossed over or completely omitted at school."
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Architecture Concept 3D Blocks

Kick-start your spatial arrangement investigation.

This is a catalog of alternative physical starting points that enables you to remove yourself from the initial limitations and restrictions we can occasionally find ourselves facing.

Architecture Concept Blocks

Analyse volumetric relationships and factors with ease.

Design without limitations of preconceived architectural notions ...this is a limitless testing ground for a structured tangible presence.

Architecture Concept Blocks

Create simple and quick massing models.

This presents a set of virtual starting points with instant feedback that activates architectural inquiry and design inspiration.

Available directly in SketchUp

These blocks can be effortlessly copied and pasted into and onto site models, or adapted in isolation to provide the perfect platform for quick manipulation, testing, and development.

Architecture Concept 3D Blocks

Special Bonuses

We've included three extra resources to help take your design process to next level.

"I am thoroughly impressed by the depth of architectural knowledge this resource offers! The clarity and detailed explanations are unparalleled. Now look forward to future design projects."
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Architecture design process

Concept Diagrams

Here we provide a collection concept diagrams meticulously drafted in DWG format, providing intricate design and architectural details.

Architecture spacial diagrams

Spatial Organization Diagrams

Explore the critical role in facilitating a better understanding of complex relationships and systems across various fields of study.

Architecture Volume diagrams

Volumetric Diagrams

A range of volumetric diagrams, provided in the versatile and widely-used DWG format for convenient digital manipulation and interpretation.

...These are only available with this kit, and will never be available for sale anywhere else.

Plans & Pricing

Get the foundations right ...and rest simply follows.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

For the handbooks and documents you’ll need Adobe Acrobat and/or any web based browser to open them, and for the 3D concept blocks; SketchUp. All of these programs are readily available for free via their associated websites.

This kit is for anyone looking to create a physical, digital, and online portfolio.

  • Undergraduate students
  • Graduate students
  • Postgraduate students
  • Architectural interns and assistants
  • Architects of all levels

Our priority is to support you in reaching your goals throughout all of our programs and resources, but if you feel it is not providing you with what you need, we will happily provide you with a full refund.

We have full confidence in the quality of our products and its ability to assist you in creating an impressive portfolio that presents your work in the best possible light. However, we recognize that each individual has unique needs and expectations. 

Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding this program.

The written publications require a PDF reader or web browser to open them.

Whilst focused solely upon architectural design, there are significant overlaps between all three of these professions, and so yes the processes and techniques discussed are very transferable.

Yes, this kit breaks down the complexities of the subject into bite-sized chunks that are extremely easy to digest and implement.

Just send us an email, or ask a question below any of the resources or courses in the course are of Teachable.