The Concept Kit


Learn the process of how to create successful and meaningful design concepts, and the tools and techniques that help to develop them.

Not sure how to start a new project?

Understand the fundamentals of a design concept’s need and purpose, and how it can provide the starting blocks to a successful outcome.

Concept Design Development
Architectural Concept Ideas

Struggling to develop a meaningful response?

Learn the methods and processes behind the inception and evolution of a design concept by examining its origins, fundamentals, methods of development and presentation techniques.

The key is process.

Discover the core components, principles and processes to form the foundations of award winning work.

The Concept Kit

This kit will teach you how to develop, craft and communicate consistent and successful design responses each and every time.

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Start with a strong foundation

Learn the processes that create unique and meaningful conceptual approaches that are built and developed using background research and disciplined investigation.

Become inspired

Don’t struggle with a lack of understanding, knowledge or inspiration, use tried and tested consistent and innovative architectural responses, provided via a library of ideas and literal approaches.

Feel confident

Learn the tools, techniques and principles required to put you in front of the starting blocks, and kickstart your design development each and every time.

How it works...

01/Concept: Process

This guidebook discusses how deep analysis, research and testing can generate consistent and successful design responses. This together with the rest of the parts contained within this kit, aims to add a greater depth and rigor to your conceptual process, build your confidence as a designer, and strengthen your overall approach.

02/Concept: Design

This has been created to inspire not instruct, to evoke not prompt, and to provide not teach; specific conceptual avenues and areas of investigation to use within your projects. This is an extensive list of approaches, topics, theories and suggestions.

03/Concept: Elements

Here we provide an comprehensive list of written elements that are designed to ignite creative thinking, and examine new forms of innovative conceptual exploration.

04/Concept: Thesis

This document provides 50 thesis topics and typologies that aim to provide a selection of ready made themes and approaches that can be taken literally, paired together and/or simply used as a source of inspiration.

05/Concept: Blocks

Start to test professional strategies immediately with these free 3D form and massing models. Available directly in SketchUp, these blocks have been developed to provide an extensive library of experimental drag and drop volumes for quick manipulation, testing and volumetric development.

Who is this for

This kit is for anyone struggling with or looking to understand the methods, techniques, and tools required to develop successful and meaningful conceptual design responses.

Who is this not for

Alvaro Siza, Rem Koolhaas, Norman Foster and Peter Zumthor, this is not for you. Also:

…this is not for you either

What you'll learn

This kit is focused on the procurement and development of architectural design concepts. The core of the lessons taught here are the essential steps to building a firm conceptual foundation from inception through to completion.


What do I need to open these files?

For the handbooks and documents you’ll need Adobe Acrobat and/or any web based browser to open them, and for the 3D concept blocks; SketchUp. All of these programs are readily available for free via their associated websites.

Is this for interior and landscape design as well?

Whilst focused solely upon architectural design, there are significant overlaps between all three of these professions, and so yes the processes and techniques discussed are very transferable.

Is this kit suitable for all levels of students and architects?

Yes, this kit breaks down the complexities of the subject into bite-sized chunks that are extremely easy to digest and implement.

Will my payment method be secure?

100% yes. We’ve partnered with Stripe and PayPal to handle the billing and provide a secure 256-bit encryption. We take every step available to us to help keep your transaction safe.

What happens if I lose my copy after I’ve purchased it?

We’ll send you another one!

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