AutoCAD Template Kit


Populate your drawings quicker with this all-in-one catalog of 675+ metric and imperial professionally sourced “drag and drop” AutoCAD blocks and set of drawing standards.

Never search for a single CAD block ever again.

There is literally nothing worse than wasting valuable drawing time trying to find the “right” block, symbol, hatch or correct line weight. This template kit eliminates all of the guesswork.

Know from the very beginning how to structure and format your drawings.

Start every drawing with the correct library of parts and settings to create professional and presentation quality drawings each and every time.

Take back your time

Simply copy and paste from each of the template’s categories to build up your drawings’ detail and information. Never forget that key annotation, dimension, or furniture block ever again.

The AutoCAD Template Kit

This kit enables you as a designer to spend your time on what matters - the design, representation and presentation of your project.

Stop searching for CAD blocks.

Save time trying to find that perfect CAD block, and have confidence in knowing that you already have it.

Improve your communication.

These tools and templates ensure that every drawing uses the correct methods and levels of communication. 

Use tried and tested methods

Now sure how to set up a drawing? We’ve provided three examples to demonstrate how.

Inside the Box

Drawing Template

All the necessary resources to successfully and coherently draw, label and annotate plans, sections and elevations.

CAD block template

A complete library of vegetation blocks (trees, shrubs and indoor plants) and furniture blocks (living, dining, kitchen, bedroom, leisure, outdoor, vehicle and people). All drawn at 1:1 in both metric and imperial scales.

Printing Template

Metric A3, A2, A1 and A0 printing template in 1:500, 1:200, 1:100, 1:50, 1:20, 1:10 and 1:5 scales, and imperial Arch B, Arch C, Arch D, and Arch E, in 1/16″=1’0, 1/8″=1’0, 1/4″=1’0, 1/2″=1’0, and 3/4″=1’0. Simply copy and paste your desired paper size and scale from the printing template over and around your drawing.


Attached to this kit are three custom drawing examples that demonstrate how to use both the CAD block and printing templates. Presenting a site plan, floor plan and elevation, these are designed to provide you with a guide as to how to use and place the various resources contained within each template.

Who is this for

This kit is for anyone who draws CAD based plans, sections and elevations, and wants to establish a tried and tested system to improve the efficiency and quality of their drawings.

What's included?

What units are these drawn in?

These are drawn in both Metric and Imperial units, however can be easily re-dimensioned to imperial units.

What version of AutoCAD do I need?

2010 and newer.

Do these work with AutoCAD LT?

Yes there is an LT version supplied

Will this work in Revit?

The template can be imported into Revit as a DWG file.

What do I need to open these files?

Autodesk AutoCAD or any CAD based software that is capable of importing a DWG file. So this kit is even compatible with SketchUp!

What happens if I lose my copy after I’ve purchased it?

Your copy will be forever be accessible and downloadable via your teachable account. And if you forget that …we’ll send you another one!

AutoCAD Template Kit

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