AutoCAD Template Kit


Populate your drawings quicker with this all-in-one catalog of 675+ metric and imperial professionally sourced “drag and drop” AutoCAD blocks and set of drawing standards.

Take back your time!

Never search for a single CAD block ever again.

Populate your drawings quicker with this all-in-one catalog of 675+ metric and imperial professionally sourced “drag and drop” AutoCAD blocks and set of drawing standards. 

CAD Template For Architecture
CAD Architecture Template Best CAD Blocks

Stop searching for CAD blocks!

There is nothing worse than wasting valuable drawing time trying to find the “right” CAD block. This template kit eliminates all of the guesswork.

AutoCAD Architecture Template Start

Professionally format drawings.

Start every drawing with an established library of parts and settings, and focus on what matters - the design.

CAD Template Architecture

Become quicker & more efficient.

Simply copy and paste from each template category. Never forget that key annotation, dimension, or furniture block ever again.

CAD Template Best

Presentation quality output.

Create professional and presentation quality drawings with preset blocks, symbols, hatches, line weights and printing layouts.

How it works...

Complete library of blocks

325+ CAD Blocks

Populate your drawings with:

  • Vegetation blocks (trees, shrubs & indoor plants).
  • Furniture blocks (living, dining, kitchen, bedroom, leisure & outdoor)
  • People (Adults & Children)
  • Vehicles (Cars, vans & bicycles)

All drawn at 1:1 in both metric and imperial scales.

Andrew Therian
Andrew TherianArchitect
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"Sure you can find CAD blocks for free, but having a high quality and curated set all in one place has been invaluable"
CAD Architecture Template

Complete library of drawing symbols

350+ Drawing Standards & Markers

Annotate with a full library of:

  • Service, electrical and lighting symbols
  • Hatches, line weights, line types and text.
  • Drawing markers, north points, section lines, scale bars & dimensions.
Megan Nicholls
Megan NichollsArchitecture Student
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"This template was everything that was promised. It helped me polish my drafting process and I finally got to grips with plotting in layout"
Architecture AutoCAD Template - Layers

Printing layout sheets and templates

Two Methods of Printing

AutoCAD layout sheets and bespoke drag & drop printing template in:

  • Metric A1, A2, and A3 in 1:500, 1:200, 1:100, 1:50, 1:20 scales.
  • Imperial Arch B, Arch C, and Arch D, in 1/16″=1’0, 1/8″=1’0, 1/4″=1’0, 1/2″=1’0, scales.
Adam Lowry
Adam LowryArchitect
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"A well organised and structured template - has been a real time saver ."

Professional layering system and printing files

Preset Layers & .ctb files

Bespoke and fully editable layering system for each key drawing component – all associated and linked to a .ctb plot style in both metric and imperial scales.

Nicole Hughes
Nicole HughesGraduate Student
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"Very simple to setup and use, the colored layering system makes it easy to identify individual blocks, and translates perfectly when plotting."
CAD Architecture Template

Example drawings

Three Pre-Drawn Examples

Site plan, floor plan and elevation drawing examples – demonstrating how to use both the CAD block and printing templates.

Rob Sihlangu
Rob SihlanguPost Graduate Student
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"The dynamic blocks alone are worth it! ."

What others are saying...​

Christopher Henry
Christopher Henry
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"Very good value. I was able to apply it to my drawings immediately."
Lauren Hillier
Lauren Hillier
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"This template pack is a lot better than I was thinking it would be - very useful."
Kera Montas
Kera Montas
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"Excellent - simple to use with instant results ...always struggled with printing"
Sarah Rowledge
Sarah Rowledge
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"Thank you, this kit has given me the extra boost I needed to improve the depth of my drawings."
Brandon Farray
Brandon Farray
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"As a self taught CAD user, this has helped iron out the bumps in my workflow."
Tan Benko
Tan Benko
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"I now have a lot more confidence knowing that I have a proper drawing process I can rely on."

CAD work just got easier!

Use tried and tested methods to instantly improve your presentation skills.

Have confidence in knowing that you have a trusted process that uses the correct methods and levels of communication. Become a better designer.

CAD Architecture Template

325+ CAD Blocks

Bespoke Layering System

Both Metric & Imperial Scales

350+ Drawing Markers

AutoCAD Architecture Template 02

Plot Style Key & .ctb Files

Video Tutorials

Printing Layouts & Templates

Plan & Elevation Examples

Lifetime Updates


Ideal for individuals who don't use layering, plot styles, or layout sheets
$ 29
  • 325+ CAD Blocks
  • 350+ Drawing Annotations
  • Printing Template
  • Bespoke Examples
  • Metric & Imperial Files


With full layering system, bespoke plot styles, and layout sheets.
$ 39
  • 325+ CAD Blocks
  • 350+ Drawing Annotations
  • Printing Template
  • Bespoke Examples
  • Metric & Imperial Files
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Preset Layers
  • Extra Dynamic Blocks
  • .ctb Plot Styles
  • Layout Sheets
  • Video Tutorials


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Frequently Asked Questions.

We have a full article (here) on understanding everything there is to know about AutoCAD and CAD based templates.

These are drawn at 1:1 in both Metric and Imperial units (two sets of files provided).

2018 and newer. But we are happy to down save any file for later versions.

Yes there is an LT version supplied

The template can be imported into Revit as a DWG file.

No, the template can be imported into any program that is compatible with DWG files. (Revit, ArchiCAD, SketchUP, Vector Works, Chief Architect, Rhino etc)

Autodesk AutoCAD or any CAD based software that is capable of importing a DWG file. So this kit is even compatible with SketchUp!

Your copy will be forever be accessible and downloadable via your teachable account. And if you forget that …we’ll send you another one!

This template is for anyone who draws CAD based plans, sections and elevations, and wants to establish a tried and tested system to improve the efficiency and quality of their drawings.

  • Undergraduate students
  • Graduate students
  • Postgraduate students
  • Architectural interns and assistants
  • Architects of all levels

No, not at all. This template has been designed to remove any of the guess work from the drawing process and comes fully equipped with instructions on how to use and set it up.